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In-season Program for Bball?

So I had my first rec league game this past sunday and I got exhausted within a minute. I want/need to work on my conditioning. I’ve been in my “off-season” for a while and dont have great strength right now, but its decent.

So I want to change it up by having an in season program just to maintain my strength and cut some fat off me since summer is coming up. Haha.

Here’s the program:
Tuesdays: Squat, RDL, Bench, Bent rows.
Fridays: Deadlift, Incline bench, Pull ups
Sundays: Games

On the days I’m not weight training, I plan to be on the court working on my game. Shooting, dribbling, etc etc. I’m sure I’ll have all the cardio I need from that. Anything I should add or subtract? My rep/set scheme will probably be 5x5 at around 80-85% of my max for each lift.