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In season HS Wrestler



Straoned my delt on Tuesday- haven’t done much
No clue if it’ll be good for my first meet




Good question :sweat_smile:
I think I sprawled (think throwing yourself to the ground but with straight arms) and twisted too much so my shoulder was yanked in 2 directions
Luckily it’s not that serious


First wrestling meet
Wasn’t looking forward to this (5:30 wakeup) but it was actually a blast
1-2 unfortunately
Got smashed by the first guy. Didn’t sprawl quickly enough
Smashed the 2nd- he shot and I sprawled, circled to a power half
Third guy- collar steal (?)ed the guy but rolled too far on the finish and got pinned

#1 takedown is collar steal
Sprawl if they shoot


Getups, 1 arm oh squats- 1x3/side
Zercher squat- 2x5 @ 95
BTN Press- 3x2-3-5-10 @ bar
Pullups- 2x10

First session back
Took it easy on the pressing


2nd meet
1-2 again
First guy got my leg.
Won 2nd on points. This sucked ass
3rd guy just shot deep and quick. Forgot to turn away to avoid the power half

I need better bottom game and some sort of leg takedown
Collar steals need forward pressure



Tournament, coltan cougars
1-2 again…
Better leg defense, harder collar steal, start incorporating leg attacks


First finals next week :grimacing: :grimacing:

Practically guaranteed As in math, chem, (health & choir are a given)
Going to have to bust ass for english, history and Spanish though…


Math and Chem A finals done
Math could’ve gone better, didn’t have time to double check everything
Breezed by Chem with 15 min to spare


Havent really been lifting weights- Wrestling is kicking the shit out of me- 3 weeks inseason left
Doing chad waterbury’s big back big chest (100 pushups 50 pullups 6x/week)
Turned 15 over break


Happy belated bud!


Sprained my ankle yesterday …