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In-Season Football Workout


My son has games on thursday's

Legs on friday
push on saturdays
pull on sundays

you guys see any problems with this?

He's a freshman Lineman.

What rep range should we be using??


I see a problem what day will he recover man at least one he'll have practice all week then have to hit the gym all weekend.

in season keep it brief and heavy trying to do nothing but preserve his strength you really cant expect to be able to hit the gym hard enough and do practice and game to make good gains.

Go heavy, get in, get out, rest



I agree with Phill. Coming from a high school and brief college career playing ball, in season lifting is really just for injury prevention and maintenance. It's a real shame that more kids don't put more effort and dedication into off season lifting (in my experience) because that's where the real training and progress comes.


Look for DeFranco's article that will be posted tomorrow Westside for Skinny Bastards Part III. I think he is outlining an in season training template within the article. That should provide you some guidance.



Also, Joe has posted in season training for football players in his "Ask Joe" section. All you need is two sessions per week. One the day after a game, and it is typically more of a full-body "bodybuilding" type workout. The second workout is 2-3 days later and has some dynamic and max strength stuff (full-body).


He should not be working out the day after a game. Maybe an active recovery day at the most, but certainly not hitting any serious poundages. Simply riding a stationary bike or walking for 20-30 min at an easy pace will help to move some of the soreness out of his body.

Take advantage of the nutritional and supplemental strategies now available which werent available when I played ball. His muscular system will be taxed, so I would advise to sticking with neural work (reps less than 5).