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In Season Football Workout

Well, Football season at school has started and i was really looking forward to working out and playing football… but i tried it for one week and i was beat to hell.

Now i am wondering how can i keep the strength gains i made while working out throughout the football season.

Perhaps i could work on my agility and footwork instead of strength and start the Westside up again after football, or should i try soem light workouts just to keep me in shape.

Any help on this subject is greatly appriciated.

I am currently 17 years 6 feet tall and 210lbs and play Nose tackle sometimes D End and Offensive Guard.

Ive been eating to try and keep my weight up and its been going preety well because i havent dropped much weight.

Any help would be great

Keep lifting in season. It can be done. Your strength may decline at first but hand in there. Volume is not as critical as getting in 3 sets of 3 to 5 reps on the big lifts (squat, clean, deads, bench) once a week.

Good luck on your season.

Okay from personal experience: you will want to keep lifting at least a few time per week to keep the muscle you have gained. Also you may want to take some BCAA’s before/during/ or after a long practice. Try to eat more then you normally would also.

I droped 15+ pounds a season from not working out and keeping up with my nutrition needs.

Try medium volume, with a moderate amount of reps whole body workout. Do you have practice every day? I’d do this workout at least twice a week and then if you can add in additional ones when you feel good you should do that.

Basically do what you can without beating yourself up too much. You will probally find what works well for you through trying different things.

hey, CW worte an article called, The Next Big Three or something like that. It was designed with in-season footballers who didn’t want to overtrain in mind. It seems pretty good, im thinking about using it next year while im playing rugby league.

From Joe Defranco’s web page:



Hope you have a great season!