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In Season Baseball Workout

I am a 17 year old baseball player from Virginia who wanted to see if you all had any ideas for a sample in season lifting program. I am 6-1 205 and play first/third base and catcher. My bench max is about 285 and my squat max is around 365. Should I focus mainly on posterior chain stuff or incorperate more direct work for forearm/hand/rotator cuff? I feel like my strength is pretty decent but I need something else. Do I do deadlifts and cleans in season? Any ideas?

i would lift twice a week, i would try and lift 2 days before your games. i would do something like this

ME bench
DE squat
Shoulder/rotator cuff

ME squat
DE bench
towel chinups
bi/tri super set

For ME Squat i would alternate between front and box squat and snatch grip deadlift. ME bench i would alternate between incline, board press, db’s, and close grip. i would limit everything else to 3-4 sets.
i would only do shoulders and forearms once a week b/c you will be using those muscles alot during the season, it would be mostly prehad.

interesting twice a week workout.
Baseball wears players out and the balance between maintaining strength and adding to the physical burden is difficult.
I would add some extra shoulder/rotator cuff work on other days. 2-3 times per week if not done to excess.
The rotator cuff muscles are not so much exercised by throwing as broken down by throwing. This one area requires extra work in season to balance the throwing being done IMO.

Be smart like I was sophmore year and do the smolov(sp?) squat cycle. HA that was stupid

whats ME and DE?

Maximum effort and dynamic effort. Read some of Dave Tate’s articles for a detailed explanation.


oh alright thanks, I know what that means now.

Let’s see what you guys think of this…

I was thinking about basing my workout off of 3-4 Multijoint lifts as well as some type of shoulder work at the end of the 2 workouts. I do some tubing work at the field, and we get abdominal work done also at the field in stations.

Here’s What I did today after practice and conditioning…

chugged some surge and then…
3x8 Squat 225 (dynamic)
3x8 DB Swiss Ball Bench 70 lb. Dumbells (hairly heavy)
3x8 Lat Pulldowns 130 or 140 lbs. (fairly light so i guess u could say dynamic/explosive reps)
2x12 Empty Cans

On Thursday maybe since we have a scrimmage friday-
3x8 Hex Bar Deadlift (fairly light)
3x3 Cleans (heavy)
3x5 Dynamic Bench
3x10 Back Extensions with 45 pound plate
1x10 Bicep/tricep Superset
3x8 1 Arm External Rotations

What do you all think?

I think that might be too much
This is my senior year and this year i want to incorporate soem type of fitness regimen alongside baseball as well. I was looking more along the lines of sprinting and GPP + lot of abdominal and rotator cuff work.

i would definilty read some of dave tates articles about DE and ME b/c 3x8 is not DE. it would be someething like 8x2 w/45 sec break. Good luck this season.

How long is your season? If is just the basic 25 games of the high school season, stick with the approach of 3 days with lifts at around 60% If you are going to be playing throughout the summer, and log in some 70 games or so from the high school season until the end of the summer, make an adjustment. Some big league clubs are buying into lifting heavier to keep or increase strength during the long season. Nothings worse than that bat feeling like a log at the end of the year i.e. Soriano in the playoffs a couple years ago.