In Season: 400 Hurdler/800 Runner

Hello Everyone!!
I just finished my last cycle for pre season lifting and now it is
time for me to taper down kind of because in three weeks it will be
time for me to start competing. I am very please with where I am at
and I think that this is the strongest I’ve been over all.

Now I have the task of putting together an inseason program in which
I find difficult because of peaking purposes…Thank God for

I did 4 weeks for Waterbury’s 3X10 workout outs.This included all olympic lifts,deadlift, back front squats and bench press.

So I wanted to get the input on in season training from you guys.

I start competing January 25th.
My first peak needs to be the weekend of Feb. 29-Mar. 1. It is our
indoor conference meet,so I figure I need to taper before that. I
will be running the 600meters that meet.

Between March 1st and March 27th I don’t have a meet, so I would like
to do some good liftinng in between that time to get my strength
levels back up and then begin to taper off for outdoor.

My first outdoor meet is March 28th.

The main outdoor conference meet is May 3-4 and I know I have to
taper for that…

So that is the outline of my season.

I would just like to have a basic outline of how many days a week I
should lift, how many lifts and when to stop lifting.

I was thinking maybe a Tabata session once a week would be good or it
could be my last workout before the meet that week and maybe two
heavy lifting sessions early in the week. Just an idea.

Something else to think about,our running workouts are close to
threshold so I know fatigue will be an issue, and I should be care to
monitor how I feel and how much work Im getting in.

I appreciate all the info.

Why do you have to run 400 and 800 makes life awkward for conditioning coaches! The 400m is considered a sprint event, and most of the recommended training for this event concentrates on anaerobic work, power development and technique. It is very rare for 400m runners to include steady running or even vVO2Max sessions.The 800m is considered a middle distance event, and most of the recommended training for this event involves a mix of aerobic and anaerobic work. Obviously this causes planning head aches. Because your preference either of 400 hurdle or 800 run will effect the conditioning approach.

but to be well conditioned for both your wanting to arrive at 600m as "oxigenated"as possible,Whats your 600m like???

When working with 400m/800m meter sprinters in season, i usually recomend 2 heavier workouts (upper lower split)earlier on in the week. Much like you they have close together competitions so i do 2-3 week mini cycles with unilateral focus on exercises where the goal isn’t to lift heavier; it’s to lift FASTER. The goal of this type of training is to increase the athletes rate of force development. I would’nt use Tabata for peaking, its far too taxing (no point leaving your best in your last work out), your running coach should be tapering your running work outs around 80% of max.

I use an approach of Max effot lift,assistant and accessory movements.

If you prefer you can do two full body workouts say monday-wednesday. Using only oly lift as a max effort lift.

Obviously pre contest your after a drop in volume not intensity. Just as each individual reacts differently to the same training stimulus, ive found people need 10 days rest after pre contest conditioning to bounce back for competition and some only need 3-4 days with some light technical practice.Find what works for you.

hope this helps