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in search of the ultimate workout

For the ultimate workout, you need ultimate intensity and I was wondering what you guys think? 1 hr. before workout 1 serving of Mag-10, 30 min. before 2 capsules MD6, during workout 1 serving Powerdrive mixed with 30 grams of Universal’s BCAA and glutamine mix? Yes/no, change anything?

I add a Vinpocetine tablet to the mix. Works through a similar to gingko. GNC Natural Brand has a Vinpocetine tablet which also contains 200 mg. green tea extract. It’s being discontinued I think, so you should be able to pick it up dirt cheap. Especially good for those who can’t tolerate ephedra.

I think Bill said there’s no need to take MAG-10 close your workout and that actually it’s better to take it serval hours before, but it doesn’t matter much anyway given the halflife. Other than that, looks like a good plan to me. I’d use Surge during and after however. That’s become a staple supp for me.

Bill already noted that for a cns effect from mag10 use it 8 or 9 hours prior.

MD6 works well for thermogensis/weight loss but I like Ultimate Orange better for WO intensity.

Do an article search for ‘the ultimate workout’, it was an article poliquin did back awhile. that should help you out.