In response to the flame thread, praise is due...

Char really got me to think this one through a bit and the real shame of the matter is that extremely intelligent, experianced members are leaving here and there because of thier effort without cracking our “numbskulls”. I’ve been a numbskull and I’ll probably be a little bit of one in the future now and again. But I think these people need much more praise. Don’t just let them leave us T-Nation! I know some of these people go on to such serious endeavors that they may no longer have time to help us. But we should at least recognize it when it’s here! There have been posts like this before (yeah I actually use the search tool) but I think it is time for one hell of a long ass post to all those that have lended thier superior knowledge (and time). Feel free to begin here or if you want start your own thread and commend these people. They are giving advice that is at least worth 50$+ and hour, for free in most cases. I’ll start it off and thank two people though there are many more people out there. Tampa Terry I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you rock! Your advice is invaluable and you have been one of the most gracious posters around! I’m glad to see you posting here and there again! DocT keep it up! Your tone is so hard to swollow sometimes and you are obviously fed up with people but you’re still here! Not to mention you are a Doctor that must have a shit load of other things to do and you still make time for T-Nation! What better advice than from a real T-Doc! Please people, add your two cents, I think it is about time! (and for those of you that do this anyway don’t stop, even the bigshots need a pat on the back now and again)

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.

Goldberg - thanks for being straightforward. I love your no bullshit, straight to the point responses. I’m starting Westside because of you.

Patricia and ko - you guys rock, and I love the strongman/woman training you do. It’s great.

Thanks are due to all the guest forum guys, as your time is much appreciated.

Above all, thanks is due to TC and Patterson for having an excellent mag and provide this website for free!!

I agree, this advice is great. Only wish I actually signed up and started reading earlier instead of just looking at webpages and the paper mag for a bit.

I agree w/ all that RS said and the rest. But, what no love for me? JK. :wink:

I know I don’t poses a great deal of knowledge or have good english grammer. But, I hope some people look past little things that I do and get the big picture on why I am STILL here. And why I believe in this forum.

But, whatever knoweldge I have I am willing to share.

In Health,

Silas C.

Well, I’m glad that somebody got the point! :slight_smile:

And I’ll just add my own thanks to those people who’ve made me re-think things, who’ve taught me new stuff, and who are ongoing contributors to this forum. They know who they are, both past and present.

I’ve been around as long as anyone, but I still learn new stuff every day. (Thank god!) Whatever contributions I’ve made here is just my way of giving back, and of trying to keep this the best forum and “body mechanic” information in the world.

Stay strong and healthy.

JW: thank you, dude!

Despite the arguments that are actually rather petty (considering the fact that this is a faceless forum), and the flaming of the occasional lazy newbie; this forum has got lots to offer.

I remain active since by doing so, it helps me learn as well. Also, since I’ve met some new friends via this forum, it’s like I’m able to occasionally visit with them, checking in to see how they’re all doin’. There is, undeniably, a sense of community here. And I value that. As I value the constant barrage of new information that is provided, free of charge, on this site.

In my 6 months of being on this site, I’ve learned so much, it’s unreal. I do feel a sense of community on here - You’re all my fellow T-men/vixens. If I could afford to go to one of the gatherings, I definitely would. Of course, I would have to bring along my chihuahua, Taco.

You guys are like a second family. Yes, even the person that put me on his bad guys list.