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Embrace the gay.




Yeah, ask him how he got it. My only solace in the 49ers's loss yesterday.........


Yea, such a random change from the dog. Especially after having it for so long.

At least make it an easier to follow transition: Dog > Gay Dog > Gays.


Was there even a dog in Priscilla?




For those who don't know, I lost a bet to DB Cooper. This avi will remain until the day after the SB. Unless someone can convince me to keep it.

My guess is that their are more queers on here than any of us will ever know.

LULZ to Oleena.


Lol. Don't bet against DB. Check.

Out of interest is it THAT avi you have to use or can it be anything from the film? ;p


That was the avi he chose for me. That pic is from a film? WTF! Looks like it could be from the original Mad Max film.


Actually no, I thought it was but it isn't. Ignore me, I haven't seen the film in ages. =)


Did you just accidentally fall out of the closet?


LOL! My attempt to stuff that bitch back on in there failed then eh?


Holy shit! I just been T-raped!

I've never seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert....


So much disappoint Stern.


What was the bet?


This is what happens when you leave your computer unlocked...


I bet that the Saints would beat the Niners last week. Looks like he got his though. He lost this past weekend & has a new avi. Not sure which one is actually worse.

Miss seeing your tight round ass & perky little tits btw.