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In Really Bad Condition, What Should I Do?

I am requesting you to read the whole post please…

Hey everyone. Thanks for the suggestions @strongmanjoe. Everything is just falling apart. I had a horrible workout today unfortunately. Struggled with 22.5kg overhead press for 5-6 reps for f*ck’s sake.

After working out today I left the gym depressed and disappointed because looking back in the past 1.5 months I haven’t added any weight to my bench and I am currently only benching like 40kg for 4-5 reps. Really disappointed today. Struggled with the weight I did last time and the time before that – guys I’m seriously depressed.

I did like 6-7 sets of bench today because out of the 6, only 1 was good for touching chest and 2 were good with the “bumper,” [you’ll see in the videos].

I worked out in the morning today and ate some breakfast = 40g oats + 1 banana + 25g cereal + milk = 390-400kcal. *Was this too less?

Question: how many kcal should I target before lifting, how much time before?

Form: To chest bench

Then, the trainer suggested benching with something on top of my chest, here is a video: I was able to bust out 7-8 reps on this with 40kg: Bench with bumper

Question: Do I need to touch my chest? I also got a wider grip a little – pointer finger at the rings, is this okay? I’m 6’ in height, and I think I have fairly long arms, so please let me know.

Rant: I don’t know whats happening honestly. I haven’t gained jack, I’m eating enough, I feel and look fatter, so I have no clue what is happening. Am I even cut out for this? I have been lifting for one f*cking year but that’s all I have to show for. I need some motivation guys, I have none left.

There’s no video attached.

Start a log and put everything (food, trainimg, sleep, general activity levels, stress levels) in there. Without a full picture of at least some time we can only give so much assistance.

Alright I’ll start a log here my next workout. The videos are on the links. Here they are (the links again)

To chest bench

Bench with bumper

bump guys please :))

I swear to god if you just gave my work computer aids…


There is no reason for someone at your strength level to be doing partial reps.

Yes, this is the correct way to bench if you want to get bigger and stronger.[quote=“aakarshm1, post:41, topic:220140”]
Rant: I don’t know whats happening honestly. I haven’t gained jack, I’m eating enough, I feel and look fatter, so I have no clue what is happening. Am I even cut out for this? I have been lifting for one f*cking year but that’s all I have to show for. I need some motivation guys, I have none left.

This takes a long time. Longer than a year. You’re still a teenager so your body isn’t even done growing naturally. Follow a strength program and learn how to eat. You’re small dude. You need to eat more, consistently, for a long time.

stop being such a snivelling pussy. Seriously, we get these “woe is me, why do I suck?” threads every now and then and they’re just annoying.

Train hard, eat properly and be PATIENT.

But most of all quit bitching that it’s not easy. Nobody said it would be.

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Alright, apologies, lol, not going to rant again. I’m just going to create a log here and post on it.

How should the progression for 3x5 bench be?

I am doing 3x5 bench press on both push days, should I increase weight every time? Or same weight both times and increase next week?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Increase weight every time if you make every rep. 2.5kg each session. If you fail to get every rep 3 sessions in a row, take off 10% and work up again. Start a log and track your progress.

that’s the spirit!

If you are doing 3x5 at the same weight for every set then you would increase the weight every time you hit 5 reps for all 3 sets

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Alright bros, thanks for the help, got my training log here: Aakarsh M's Training Log

I’ll see how it goes, thanks guys. For diets I’m thinking screen shot-ing MFP everyday.

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Dude, you’re a normal looking 17 year old who started lifting. Repeat: you’re a 17 year old who just started lifting. You look perfectly fine aside from being skinny which is normal as a 17 year old. Follow this simple advice: relax, and work on the basics for a few years.

The basics are: getting 1g+ of protein/lbs BW, eating veggies, and eating a balanced amount of good fats and carbs, and go do a strength program like 5/3/1 work on hitting a 405 pound squat, 495 pound deadlift, and a 315 pound bench, and 225 pound overhead press, and don’t forget to master bodyweight exercises. Also please gain weight, you’re 6’0" at 150, that is very far away from you filling out your frame (still, no need to rush).

edit: Lad, what the shit? I tried accessing one of the videos you posted, and the link directed me to a scam site.


I’m sorry about that, sendvid wasn’t a scam site, let me check again. Do you have Adblock? It might be an ad from the website, sorry again.

Yes, its definitely an ad, I got it to load fine. I can’t upload it here for some reason.

Indians don’t have bad genetics. It’s your diet that’s not suitable for physique development unless you have a ridiculously fast metabolism.

Lol, “fast metabolism,” not even once. If I had fast metabolism, I wouldn’t have gotten here. And I would have never gotten here:

Yup. That’s my point. All my South Indian friends were able to build good physiques after they changed up their diets. Of course, they also didn’t train like pussies. I hope you’re not training like one.

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Honest question here, not meant to be a jerk:

Are you afraid of eating too much? A lot of people that lose a lot of weight at one point are afraid they’ll go back to old overeating habits.

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I don’t think I am man. I am serious 100% that I am busting my ass at the gym, completing every set with max intensity. Here’s the log, if you can look at it from time to time: Aakarsh M’s Training Log

Yeah, no worries bro, ask anything. For that question, I would say yeah man, I’m scared. I’m scared because I am already carrying fat, and don’t want to get even fatter.

Reality check time … You are a little flabby, but you’re not fat. You’re small. You need to put some muscle on your body and you will feel a lot better about yourself. The only way to do that is to lift heavy and eat more food. From someone who has done both, trust me : its a lot harder to add muscle than it is to lose fat. If you spend the next couple of years taking advantage of your young age and natural growth to add mass, any excess bodyfat can be dieted off in just a few months.


Hi, Thanks man!

One dilemma though – going to college in Canada, I won’t have the options of “healthy” meals per say. I have to take a meal plan, which might be healthy sometimes. For one of the days in September, this a dinner:

Or I have the option of going to Subway breakfast, Lunch + dinner.

What do you think?