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In Really Bad Condition, What Should I Do?

“I track everything and this is what I usually eat during the day. Oh, wait, I also have chicken and shakes.” “This is what I ate today. Oh, wait, I also ate other stuff I didn’t write down.”

You’re killing me, man.

It’s not. Like I said, you want to have protein that came from an animal - either cooked meat, dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, even milk), or eggs - in every meal. You’re not doing that, and I’m guessing you’ve never done that, and like I said that explains why you haven’t been gaining muscle.

If the eggs are questionable where you live, then avoid them if you have to. Getting sick will only slow down the gainzzz.

You don’t have to eat 5 times a day. Tons of guys got big and strong “only” eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This article talks more about it.

Too further what Chris said, i completely misunderstood when you mentioned 200g of chicken. i assumed you meant 150-200gs of protein from chicken per day,plus the two shakes. I wrongly assumed as well you knew what your macros were and that you were hitting them. Lean toward what he said for sure, the man knows what he’s talking about.

Okay, I am starting to get it now. I cannot consume so much meat so I’ll be eating more yoghurt and milk now and I usually eat lots of cottage cheese so that isn’t an issue.

The issue is I don’t have the macros for the yoghurt, so I’ll have to make a rough estimate (my mother makes the yoghurt at home).

I also need to put the right things in the right places. I put the protein shakes, but I put them in snacks for some reason…

With limited meat and no eggs on the menu, one simple step you can take is to stop worrying about what’s in your mom’s yoghurt and start worrying about how you’re going to eat all of it.


You just need time. Once you spend some time under the bar things will move for you.

One thing Id recommend is to do some walking, sprinting and jumping. If you could add ladders, cones and rope jumping that would also be cool.

Actually moving has been shown to be helpful for humans.

As for diet, I wouldn’t worry too much - just eat plenty of your ma’s cooking - it’ll be right in the initial stages.

You sound and look exactly like me, and I haven’t been able to gain a pound of muscle either despite eating a lot and lifting a lot, so there is definitely a genetic component in it… Are you really diabetic ? Also, is it a hanging doll in your pics ? (I saw it when I clicked on it)

I think you have a tape worm if you’re eating and not gaining 6ft and 150 sounds boarder line anorexic to me. You just look like you started lifting and have little to no muscle. Follow the program sleep a lot eat a lot and drink a gallon or more of water a day. You’re not diabetic and even if you were i don’t see it as an excuse my wife’s type one and has no issues lifting or working out in general. Also you’re 17 and probly have no mind body connection at all. It takes years to get big welcome to the grind.

Also stop eating like a chubby girl at curves it’s time to put your big boy pants

Stop eating all chicken yeah it’s ok here and there but be a man eat some eggs eat some red meat and eat some fish here and there. Red meat has creatine in it chicken does not and it doesn’t sound like you have enough fat and sodium in your diet. There is no cure to this issue you have just eat lift correctly and recover correctly it’s not genetics it’s you

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Seriously stop with the “genetics” excuse BS … Thats passable maybe if you’re a top level bodybuilder and you’re having a difficult time shedding those last few % of bodyfat. Not when your waist is the size of my wrist and you’re unwilling to eat a damn sandwich to get bigger

No no no no no no, none of that guys. I’m never going to use genetics as an excuse because thats just retarded.

I’ve started progressing linearly on the BP micro loading at 3 lbs/workout session increase.

I’m NOT diabetic, I would never let myself go that much. If I became prediabetic thats when I would start cutting hard again, but for now, I’m close, but not there yet. I’ve started lifting 5 times a week and might even do 2 cardio sessions so I can keep diabetes far far away.

It’s too early to speculate if I’m going to gain weight or not.
IMPORTANT: I started to do this in February and gained regularly, almost 7 lbs until May and then plaueteud and I think I screwed up my diet because I was scared of gaining fat.

Also, the f with also these diagnoses. Tape worms, are you serious? I do get a good pumps and I feel some muscle mind connections too.

No I wasn’t serious that was sarcasm

Also you’re not going to get type 2 diabeties from not running or getting a little body fat not unless you drink a gallon of mt dew a day and 5 bags of skittles. Unless you’re genetically predisposed to it. You do understand the difference between type 1 and 2 right

Why do you have a doll hanging by a noose in your mirror?

Lol, I don’t really eat processed sugar (except cereal or the occasional biscuit) anymore.

The hanging doll by the noose, you’re going to have to ask my grandfather :slight_smile: This is my grandfather’s house in India. I love this place man :wink: I’m moving to Canada soon for university though, going to miss all this. Thank you for asking man, I really appreciate it.

Lots of good meat and eggs in Canada. Eat.

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Worry more about lifting more weight, when you increase your bench by 20 lbs and deadlift by 40 pounds you probably just put on 7,9 pounds muscle. Are you of Indian race? If so a lot of Indians are naturally slender High School friend of mine was 100% Indian had hard time gaining weight wrestled lifted got chocolate milk and wood wake up at night and slam down milk, if that is to much sugar , lactose intolerant try kefir instead. He at around 23 bench 380 at 198 6ft. Alot of hard work and smart training he is attorney. At 17 and you see a 50 year old woman who is butt crack ugly but has big tits and get a hard-on your testosterone is fine that’s totally scientific method later good luck


Thanks for this. I’m doing 3x5 bench 2 times a week, but can’t make a linear progression of even 3lbs/session. What should I be doing?

Yes, I am Indian, which does suck because my genes are clearly not the best. But that’s not an excuse.

Eat more, sleep more, make sure you’re doing back work.

Post a video to make sure you’re not doing anything silly.

After your 3x5, drop the weight 20% and do as many reps as you can (once per week)

Okay – I am doing all of that and I will post a video after recording it tomorrow/day after tomorrow [Whenever I hit the gym].

I do not know what you have available can you eat red meat, if not just eat alot of ckicken. when you get to Canada you probably have a better diet to bulk up on.

Hahahaha … Cold truth right there

here is a workout I used when I was at your strength level find out your one-rep max in the bench press and deadlift now take that one rep max. X 85% do 6 set of one repetition 3 minutes between each set every 5 days plus heavy cheating hammer curl that dumbell better hurt when hit chest use 25% of max of bench now take max bench times 50% do close grip pullover and press (skull crusher but the bar hits the ground combination pullover Skullcrusher basically) start at 4 sets 5-7 add add 5lb to bench every other workout , when you can do sets of 10 with pullovers and curls up weight 5 pounds . Focus on moving weight fast