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In Pursuit of Getting Big Beyond Belief


Hey Guys,

I have been reading articles on T-Nation for a while and lurking on the forums lately and figured I might as well sign up.

Stats wise, here is where I stand:
Age: 22
Height: 6'
Weight: 200
Body fat: Irrelevant (15ish)

1 RM
Squat: 295
Bench Press: 225
Deadlift: 325
Press: 135

I have been training consistently for a little over a year, trying different splits. I have done full body splits 3 times a week, upper/lower splits 4 times a week, push/pull/leg 6 times a week, and so forth.

I wasted many months with bodybuilding style workouts without emphasize on progressive overload. To overcome this, I used linear progression in the past 2 months. Now that I have stalled, I decided to do some higher rep work, and to slowly ramp up the intensity. I intend to do Big Beyond Belief 18 week program first, then Madcow with my 5 RM at the end of the former. As my long term goals are more strength oriented, I will more likely follow with Texas Method or 5/3/1.

I strive for a 2BW squat, 1.5BW bench, 2.5BW deadlift and BW press. I know such numbers can't be attained without years of dedication, but I signed in for the long haul. By the end of the year, I am looking forward a 335 squat, 255 bench, 365 deadlift and 155 press.

With the help of a few members of the Bigger Stronger Leaner forum, I tweaked my original template a little. Here is how it looks like now:

Cycle A: Endurance (13-15 reps)

Day 1:
Back: Cable rows
Chest: Flat BB bench press
Bis: EZ-bar curls
Calves: Seated calf raises

Day 2:
Delts: DB shoulder press
Tris: Cable extensions
Thighs: Squat
Abs: Weighted sit ups

Cycle B: Strength (10-12 reps)

Day 3:
Chest: Incline DB bench press
Back: Pendlay rows
Bis: EZ-bar curls
Calves: Standing calf raises

Day 4:
Delts: Lateral raises
Tris: Dips
Thighs: RDL
Abs: Pallof press

Cycle C: Power (8-10 reps)

Day 5:
Chest: Flat BB bench press
Back: Chins
Bis: EZ-bar curl
Calves: Donkey calf raises

Day 6:
Delts: DB shoulder press
Tris: Cable extension
Thighs: Squat
Abs: Weighted sit ups

Big Beyond Belief



Monday 3/02; Ramp 1, Week 1, Day 1

Cable rows: 15x70, 15x80x2
Flat BB bench press: 15x135, 15x140, 12x145
EZ-bar curls: 15x65, 13x70, 12x65+3
Seated calf raises: 15x70, 15x80, 15x90

Pulley exercises are in kilos; the rest is in pounds.

Squeezed last 3 reps of curls with a rest pause set; I will do the same for the last set of every exercise from now on.


Tuesday 4/02; Ramp 1, Week 1, Day 2

Spidey: Welcome aboard this long and strenuous iron path

DB shoulder press: 15x40x3
Cable extensions: 15x50x3
Squat: 15x185, 13x185, 13x165
Weighted sit ups: 15x10x2, 13x10

Couldn’t catch my breath on squats. Never did more than 8 reps before and I figured why yesterday.