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In Preperation for the Police Academy

I have a nutrition question / challenge for you guys…

I’m training in preperation for the Police Academy. My training consists of 3 days a week of weights and Calisthenics, with 2 days of running. I can get into specifics if you need me to, but you can see my current workout if you scroll near the bottom of this post:

I’m 5-9, 185lbs and really can’t afford to lose too much weight, especially muscle mass.

I think I have the physical plan nailed, although I would apprectiate any advice you have on that end as well. I really want to nail down my diet so I can be healthy and strong when the academy starts. I’m guessing we are looking at a time frame of anywhere between 4-8 months.

On any given day I put down about 2500-2800. I work an office job and have a microwave and toaster oven at my disposal.

Thanks in advance,


Here’s a program I’ve given to several recruits that worked quite well.

Work out 2 days a week using the heavy compound exercises, bench, squat and deadlifts on a 5x5 protocol.

Do cardio 3 days a week using a HIT program. The academy training is more focused on endurance rather than strength but you’ll utilize both. For more on running programs go to NavySeal.com.

Make sure to have 2 x a week of high-rep shoulder work ~ lat raise, front raises. 20 repper sets. A gun you can’t hold steady continuously means you’ll have issues during gun testing and the obstacle course on the fly testing. Wobbling gun is bad… * you got to be able to hold that gun for a while ready to shoot.

A wobble means you’ll have to curve that bullet like wanted -_-

Buddy of mine took aced the immobile and mobile testing phases of the gun test @ the Academy in California.

If anything avoid extra bodyfat and clean bulk up another 10-15 lbs of muscle over the next 6-9 months. This would be functional muscle to help you do your job better and ensure your safety.

Thanks guys. That’s good info, but I really need help with my eating, though.

I eat about 2500 calories a day and while I know that isn’t enough to maintain or gain weight, I can’t figure out what else I can eat that is clean, high in protein, and easy to heat up since I work in an office all day. Sample day looks like this:

  • pre-workout protein shake w water
  • gym
  • post workout protein shake w fat free milk
  • breakfast: 2 or 3 eggs, some cheese, cup of brocolli
  • snack: chicken breast with cup of brocolli
  • lunch: steak w cup of rice
  • snack: cup of cottage cheese
  • dinner: whatever the wife makes

Sorry if I wasn’t more specific in my OP - could really use some help here.