In praise of mothers

Who, even though they privately think you are crazy for doing all that “muscley stuff”, and for bringing your running gear to a family get together so you don’t miss your cardio,and for rejecting their os so scrumptious chocolate chip cottage pudding cake because you are still whining about your bf%…will still buy you a flat of albacore tuna because they know you practically live off it. :slight_smile:
I love my momma.

Sounds like you got a good one. You’re a lucky woman…:slight_smile:

Nice job mom-o-elveneyes!

It’s great when family/loved ones will actually care enough to give you what you want and not try to help you self destruct out of your goals.

Really is nice to see, since usually we just hear about the opposite situations.

That’s a great Mom,

But the real question is…


jk. Sounds like a real cool mudder.