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In Office Teeth Whitening


Has anyone else done this? I had it done this afternoon.... What a gip. Money down the shitter. Spent an hour and a half with my mouth open and a bright blue light shining on my face for nothing. I certainly don't notice a difference at all.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has done an in office whitening, and what their results were. I know there are a couple of dental experts here, I was wondering if they could give their opinion as well.


I've used the Crest at home stuff about 5 yrs ago.

Since middle school my teeth were a deep yellow with some bad dark spots. Bad enough that I wouldn't show my smile or I would cover my mouth.
I gave it a shot, and it was the best $30 I ever spent.

I'm using it again this week (wedding this Sunday), my teeth are still damn good, but figured I'd like to them to be the best before the wedding pics.


I did it and it helped definitely helped. I think the strips and other otc stuff work just as well, but they take longer. The only problem was the "zingers". I must have sensitive teeth because that made it pretty uncomfortable.


I bet if you look at a before and after picture there will be a difference. Your perception is probably off because of the blue light that was shining in your face all morning.


The bottom half of my front tooth is fake... I wonder if you can still do it. I'm guessing not...


no ive not done it


My uncle's a dentist and he did it for me, definite difference.


I knew this girl who used them once as well and it was amazing. Gonna give them a shot.


And your dad's an endocrinologist?

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After reading this thread it made me think...if I was a dentist that offered this service, I would take before and afters for every customer so they could see the difference. There's nothing like side by side pictures to really highlight the changes.

Anyone who has taken body composition B&A's can attest to that...


Or maybe not.


Good post.


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