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In Need of Validation, Internet was Mean to Me

So recently I have made some really simple workout videos I shared online just for fun really. Just to see if I could make some friends or be creative. As well as being unbelievably bored this year like a lot of people are.

Long story short, one of my really lame videos started gaining some traction and started getting thousands of views. I couldn’t believe I had a video take off like this but rather than the encouragement and enthusiasm I expected, hate comments started flowing in by the hundreds insulting my physique to the max!

I was soo not ready for this and I would be lying if I said it didn’t get to my head. I deleted/ disabled all my social media accounts and I will never do that shit again.

I don’t usually care about people’s opinions, I really don’t but I have never faced a thousand people like that and was caught very off guard.

I work out everyday to combat my depression and anxiety as well as to stay regimented.

I should have known better before I ever posted anything that this type of thing was really not for me. I have never felt so low before it unfortunately got to my head.

It probably sounds like a stupid situation but honestly this year has been a huge mental battle for me. I go weeks without conversation with people and am very very antisocial. So this experience has made me wonder in a sense if I have become delusional.

-What I’m basically asking with this post is - Am I delusional or are people just assholes?

-Do I look like I lift at all? or are have people become extra senseless on the internet?

-Has anyone else ever experienced this before?

*Please be honest. I just want unbiased opinion. I’m never going to stop lifting but I should probably change my routine if I really look as bad as they made it.

Here’s a bunch of recent pics

Depends on how you think you look. But… in general… people are keyboard warriors and borderline assholes most of the time.

You look like a fit guy who hits the gym. You don’t have a elite development in any given area though. This is not a dig… you look great overall.

Not personally but I don’t put myself out there past my avatar photo. Mostly because I don’t care what anybody on the internet thinks.


You’re doing great dude.

However, if you look like that and can’t see how far above average you are you might need to seek help. That could be some sort of body dysphoria.


Can we see the video that sparked this


What kind of mean things did they say?

Did they talk about your legs?


Appreciate the input I honestly felt fine about myself until I put myself out on social media. I do fear developing psychological issues from obsessing over health and lifting

No way lmao I deleted it all anyways. It was definitely cringe I’ll admit but I don’t see why they would come at me that hard.

No that would have been expected because I see ppl joke about that a lot But they made fun of my triceps and said the exercise I was performing “wasnt working for me” and “nobody would ever want to look like me” basically hundreds of comments along these lines

You will not be the first or last person to fall into trap of unhealthy obsession over health.

The reason people come at you when you stick your head over the parapet is - you remind them of all their laziness. All their wasted opportunities. People will convince them selves that their below average existence is “fine”. But when someone (anyone) comes along and shows them how far behind the curve they really are they react with venom and bile.

Just be assured that the more you move away from average the more shit you’ll get.

when people said "we never want to look like you" Arnold Replied "Don't  worry, you ne… | Bodybuilding quotes, Schwarzenegger bodybuilding, Health  fitness motivation

FYI - it helps I have a semi long story about this. It’s a side ways step and I don;t want to derail the thread.


This is just internet bullying man. Just like I said… keyboard warriors. I guarantee that you look better than 99/100 of the turds commenting.


Ya I would have never done this before but like I said I was so bored and I love lifting and all that and just like talking about it in general so I thought it would be fine

I normally don’t care what people think but I wasn’t ready for like over 100 people to start coming at me like that and literally not one person said something even semi nice or even neutral. Idk kinda just blew my mind I guess

Bullied on the internet? Hey those guys on tnation seem nice.


People are just jealous assholes. Don’t let them get to you. Probably a bunch of scrawny or overweight kids living in their parents’ basements with their Japanese cartoon figures and Sailor moon pillows

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I think your triceps are pretty good. What are your best moves?

Youtube somehow added this to my suggestions after reading and responding to this thread. Their algorithm is blowing my mind.


This does not imply my endorsement of the terms “alpha” and “beta” to describe people in general so shut up you fucking beta males. #canceldt79


:joy: the algorithm never fails

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Alpha Betas are cool.

I’m gonna add that when you get too successful in anything you do, 80-90% of people will want to see you fail. The remaining 10-20% will be inspired to do what you did. So don’t be surprised since most of loudest ones are from the 80-90% and remember you’ve also inspired some people along the way.

You could have capitalized on the views to give tips on how to attain your results, actually. That would turn the tide around as long as you don’t get into ANY FORM OF FLAME WAR with haters.

You could even upload a follow up video(s) doing this and start making some money off of it. Even if it doesn’t work out financially, it’s still worth the try and gaining the experience with minimal opportunity cost.

Just a tip:

yi de fu ren

I think it may be from The Art of War or some ancient shit but it’s how you deal with mobs with low self esteems but inflated egos.


Remember… most of those that ran you down probably wouldn’t have the balls to say it face to face.


I think you look pretty aesthetic. Lean, big arms, visible abs. If I dieted down and looked like you, I’d be pleased.