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In Need of Tips



1st post since i joined in July.

In regards to Squatting this is about.

I was stuck on 140 for 4 for 2 weeks, however some actual Powerlifter gave me some tips in the gym and every time i failed he did his set and "asked" me to do another.. i got up to 160 for 1 VERY shaky one.

Haven't seen him since that night which is rather disappointing so i'm back here.

Up to 165 for 1 but i can feel myself start to go forward how do i combat this ?

I'm doing One Lift a Day pretty much

Monday - Military Press
Tuesday - Squat
Wednesday - Bench
Thursday - Squat
Friday - Off
Saturday - Deadlift with hands in between legs
Sunday Off

I was doing 5*5 the guy who was nice enough to let me Squat with him said try for a PR for 1, then next time try for 3 reps then do 3 sets of 3 next time then go up, once i stalled on jumping every session.

The guy who i Squatted with also had me slow down on the descent, i was "dive bombing" into it, and while i apparently have great hip mobility i didn't need to go as low as i was. Also brought my hands way in they are now very near my shoulders - my back hurts day after from holding it so tight. But why am i falling over ... i mean the weight should be forcing me back ?

In regards to Deadlifting i'm not finished advancing yet, question there is should i alternate the inside leg with outside leg variants.. inside leg seems alot more natural.

In regards to Benching, i don't know if im as tight as i need to be, still feel awkward doing bench holding weight above my head feels weird. Any good other videos on how to get very tight?

Military Press is "ok'ish" not moving fast or slow just grinding out reps as i go. Nothing much to ask in this regard just keep going.

Once the lifts start slowing way down, i'll move to 5/3/1 as i did purchase it so better make use of it.

Thanking you.


as for your squat / leaning forward...what kind of shoes are you wearing? Usually when I forget to bring my Chuck Taylors to the gym, I'm wearing Nike running shoes and they have a heel that shifts the weight a little forward enough to cause me to have a forward lean.


AH thats what he was wearing blue shoes with no heel like slippers.

Would you advise them i saw a guy the other day squatting with no runners on with just his socks is it better not to wear runners like i do ?


how long have you been lifting? is the 140 squat lbs or kgs? if its in lbs id say just stick with 5x5 or try 5/3/1

I'm assuming you haven't been lifting long so you should do a lot of upper back and core work. upper back work to be able to hold the bar on your back and core work to help keep upright

feet wide w/ hands inside legs = sumo stance
feet shoulder width w/ hands outside legs = conventional stance
sumo stance feels very natural for a lot of people. i would say alternate with both to get experience in both of them.



New tip i learned recently from the EliteFTS i thought when i heard elbows back to push them back, saw it being done it's more like pulling them down so your chest automatically pushes out.

Every little helps :slightly_smiling:

I also hit 180 KG on the Deadlift - for 1 Rep ... did it for 185 KG and the damn thing didn't move an inch, from seeing the 12 second ascent in another video on here i tried that but all i got was a bit of light headedness !

To close this out, cheers to all including the site owners, there's a wealth of Tips out there I'm slowly gathering and putting them into action 1 by 1.

Onwards and Upwards, i'll start 5/3/1 now i've maxed out the Big jumps, bought it my 1st day here perhaps now i'll better appreciate it.

Merry Christmas to all.


Since around the time i joined.

PS: Anyone have any info on Powerlifting Meetings in Ireland, I would like to see another one live, with a view to maybe someday competing in 1, perhaps a long way off but they are fantastic to watch.

Watching the World's Strongest Man 2010 at the moment Deadlifting Cars for Reps really is insane.


You should replace squats with good mornings 1 day a week. This will help with your leaning forward. How much do you weigh?

Here is my program:

Workout a ME day

Choose one exercise from each line and work up to a max triple or double.

  1. squat / deadlift - could be a front or sumo for variety or bottom up rest pause
  2. Bp/ dumbell press - could be bottom up rest pause
    3 Good mornings / one leg squats / one leg deadlifts
  3. Close grip bench / wide grip bench

Then do grip training and abs and side bends and or hypers, back raises

Workout b DE day

Choose one exercise from each line and do 50% - 60% 1rm 10 x 3 for bench press and 12 x 2 for squat or deadlift. Also chin up and seated row are treated as ME exercises and the Upright rows, shoulder press, bentover rows and incline press are treated as 6 - 8reps x 3 sets. And all other exercises are 4 - 6 reps x 3 sets.

  1. squats / Jump squats
  2. Speed benches \ plyometric push ups
  3. ME Chin ups / ME seated row
  4. Upright rows superset with shoulder press / bent over rows superset with incline press
  5. one armed dumbell swing / speed deadlifts / power snatch / one armed snatch

Then abs, sidebends , back raises, hypers, grip training

There you have it, westside in 2 days every 6 days


hello guys i'm 25yrs of age weighing at 84kgs been training for over a year now,haven't used any supplemets or steroids till now though i'm inclined to the idea.
Got interested in powerlifting a couple of months back so included squats,deadlifts and hack lifts in my workout.
LIFTS:(a rep max)
Hack Squat-180kg

I need a good powerlifting routine as i don't know how to go about it,train 6 days a week,i've also hit a plateau in my bench strength its been hovering over 90-95kgs for like 2 months now cant seem to go beyond 100kg for some reason,and i would really like to compete in competitions so really wanna increase the above mentioned stats.

So basically i need good training routines.love training hard and the pain of training.

would also like to know about some good supplements and steroids specifically for powerlifters.

Appreciate any help


You dont need steroids, at that strength level, you can put 100k on all them lifts clean if you train long enough. In addition you shouldnt be thinking of taking steroids until you learn how to train properly.
As far as training routines go I would cut down your training sessions to 3-4 a week, 6 is too many in opinion at this stage and may explain while your bench has plateaued.


Agreed. You have a long way to go before steroids should even be considered. Keep on a high calorie diet(of course be smart with it) and you would be fine. Creatine would be a good supplement thats effective and cheap


Thanks for your suggestions guys,tried cutting the days to 4 a week but you know i don't feel good when i skip going to the gym maybe its just in the mind but will surely try and rest in between if it's hindering my progress.

I considered taking Creatine too but some of the guys said it affects the liver in a bad way n stuff,don't know maybe they took it beyond the safety limits,but if i do use creatine than what would be a safe amount at my stage and i train in the evening around 7pm,so when should i take it like in the morning,an hour before workout or after the workout.


Dude, read the articles on this site (it won't take more than a few months). You think about taking steroids (which definitely affect the liver, more or less) but shy away from creatine which is one of the most harmless, proven, and even healthy supplements possible. You know, protein supps also DON'T f*c* up your liver, kidneys or anything else.
Strength to you


Newpl'er, my advice to you since you are a total noob would be to try 5/3/1, or get another book similar to that. you can find it on www.elitefts.com

I can help on technique here if you post vids.

Hope this helps