In Need of Tips and Advice

Hi guys, I am really hoping people see this message and respond because I am in a great deal of tightness and pain! So I have been lifting for quite some time now but just about 5 months ago I started training for a competition(which is coming up the 22nd).

I also just got a new job where it is a very strenuous job for 8 hours straight and I have been super tight( I have been stretching so I dont know why it’s not working).I have been in pain (with a few dislocated fingers, ankles, wrists) the pain isn’t unbearable it just feels like I am an old lady trying to do things. I am exhausted all day every day( I get my daily 8 hour sleep) I haven’t been staying up all night like I once have done, every night.

I don’t eat the cleanest and I know that eating clean and healthy helps with body repair but I NEED tips and better ways to function throughout my strength training, what will help repair quickly,( I prefer not to take any supplements, bcaa not included because I already take them),what will help with rickety bones that literally feel like they are grinding, what will help with body pain ( literally body pain, even my jaw gets tight and I have to stretch it out), And anything else you can think of that will seriously help me.

I plan on still working on strength training after my competition so that is why I need to know so I can stop hurting my body so and fix my mistakes for next comp.

Sincerely rickety, achy, exhausted strength training beginner!
P.S. I have never hurt as much everywhere in my body like I do now, in my entire life!
P.P.S. I was doing the cube and just finished it last week. I work out 3 times a week it was 4 but since my body has been so bad I dropped it to 3.

Thank you

What, exactly, does an average day’s worth of food consist of for you? Include everything, even water. Please include amounts, as well.

The diet needs to change. If you aren’t yet conditioned for the physical demands of your job, you need to cut back the volume of your training. If you were doing 5/3/1, it would consist of a lot of “I’m not doing jack shit” workouts where you do the main work and cut the rest of the assistance/volume work. In times like these, it’s better to maintain your strength or make very slow progress instead of going backwards. If the damage is already done, limit any further damage.

You should consult a doctor in this case. Your symptoms might not be only training related. But it would help to know what your diet looks like. How is your water intake? Enough vitamins and minerals?

We need more information, as mentioned above. Diet is huge. What training did you do prior to Cube? What are your lifts?

If you weren’t used to powerlifting training and came from a different background (which you seem to say you have) your technique may be poor and causing you to be in pain. Videos of your lifts are necessary to determine this.