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In Need of Supplement Advice

Hows everyone doing…
so i have a few questions for you all.

i am in a place now to buy some supps from Biotest and was wondering if anyone had some advice for me.

I am 22yrs old now and have been fighting weight gain for about a year
i have been lifting hard for the last month and using supps to help loose weight. Currently i am a soft 184lbs trying to loose.
My body fat with one of those electronic machines was 20% so i dont know how accurate that is i am five, six or five,seven and am really trying to loose the excess weight

i am going to get the Hot-Rox Extreme but was wondering if there was any other supps that would help me get to about 165 w/in three months and not look sloppy??? My diet consists of mainly lean meat I eat alot of boiled chicken, eggs, and endless amounts of tuna
also i use fish oil and vitamins from GNC and eat plenty of greens

I know how it goes around here so if i am being too general then let me know but i was looking to get some advice from some vetrans who have had to get down to a solid base before trying to build back the muscle

Are you working out now?

Yes i am working out, sorry
6 days a week w/cardio for 20 - 30 min

Along with HOT-ROX Extreme consider Flameout. Check out this link to understand why.


Take care,


thanks D,
in the cart as we speak