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In Need of Some Nolvadex

Sup guys, I just got my first cycle in from a buddy of mine today; I know it’s pretty ligit because I’ve seen the results he had from it:Testosterone Enanthate. I actually wanna use an Anti-Estrogen and was thinking about Nolvadex during and after the Cycle.

MY problem is how to get it, I know what I should pay, (Around 1-2 dollars a pill) but I don’t know what sites are ligit. Anyone have experience with getting some? This is MY first Cycle too by the way. Been lifting about 3 years, 21 years old.

Please tell me you’re kidding.
There’s one of you every couple of days.

Go to ChemOne. We sell the best for less.

What the hell does that mean?

[quote]Contrl wrote:
Please tell me you’re kidding.
There’s one of you every couple of days.[/quote]

Tell me about it. Everyday there’s another person posting that hasn’t a fucking clue.

To the OP. You haven’t a fucking clue, but I have been in this weird mood lately so I will actually take the time to explain this to you…

Nolvadex is not an anti-estrogen and it shouldn’t be taken throughout a cycle. It is used specifically to combat a common side effect of taking a lot of testosterone, namely estrogen induced gyno. Secondarily, people use it for post-cycle-therapy. There is no reason to use it during a cycle unless you develop gyno, and personally I don’t use it for PCT but that is just me.

So if you want an anti-estrogen drug, which many people DO use throughout a cycle then do some research and get a clue as to which drugs are anti-e’s.

I would buy some nolvadex just in case of gyno, but it mostly just sits around my house doing nothing because I don’t get gyno at the doses I use. I don’t fuck with anti-e’s either because I don’t use doses high enough that I need them. Basically you need to do some serious research.

For some reason rainjack doesn’t know how to plug his own website properly, or maybe he’s embarrassed to do so, so here it is. Lots of us here use this site it’s totally legit. They’ve got anti-e’s and serms etc… Have fun.


I must say, I must be a ; everyone seems to have a problem with the simplist shit, but it’s all good. I do appreciate the info; however, I did do at least some research, I wasn’
t planning on taking it throughout the whole cycle, just the last couple of weeks and thereafter.

I am planning for it PCT though because CLomid just seems to have too many sides (Irreversable BLurred Vision is enough to turn me away anywa)

Hopefully one day they will find a cure for my irreversable blurred vison that has occured due to clomid use.
See Ya

stupid question do you inject it or drink it?

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LOL I did that how i ended up finding this thread,but if you know can you just answer me ,please?

Now someone wouldn’t want to be ingesting research chemicals, they’d give it to their lab rats…