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In Need of Simple, Healthy Snacks

I’m starting to get bacne. I have no fucking idea why but it is grossing me out. Actually I lied, I think I’m getting it because of diet. I’m on a very high protein carb diet. Not many vegetables and fruits are included, and junk food is consumed more often than it should be.

SO I tell my mom to stop buying shit, throw out the cheez its, doritos, icecream, but she doesn’t listen to me. She says just don’t eat it. Well when your trying to gain weight, starving, and they’re the only thing in the house you eat them.

My parents especially my mom are so ignorant when it comes to my bodybuilding needs. I’ve been buying chicken breasts and beef with my own money but cant afford much more. I’m getting very aggitated and althouhg they support me they don’t know what it takes.

My dad used to lift religiously and was big and strong himself (600+ deadlift, 500+ squat, 400+ bench all raw at 215lbs) but he seems to have lost some of his wisdom regarding lifting because he doesn’t see eye to eye with me when it comes to diet. The protein, the excess calories. I tried explaining that in order to gain weight you need more calories consumed than burned.

After that rant please help me by providing some simple healthy snacks I can have my mom buy to shut her up. I really need to get on track with this.

cottage cheese, mixed nuts, deli meat, beef jerkey, cheese, etc. Also, protein bars are pretty easy to make. When you say you can’t afford more than just some meat, what do you mean. Do you work? You could always go for some cheaper cuts of meat so you could afford other food.

Craisins from OceanSpray… come in little packs… 100 calories each… tastey… lots of antioxidants. They are pure carbs though.

Maybe try buying hamburger from a local deli when they have a deal on it. Idk where in NY you are… but if you are in the tri-city area… Butcher Boy’s has some GREAT deals every month.

But hey man… the bacne could just be because you’re a teen too, you know? I get bacne in waves. I found green tea tablets helped out alot (probably because of the antioxidants).

I’ve always wanted to go hunting and get a freezer full of deer meat…


[quote]gabex wrote:
I’ve always wanted to go hunting and get a freezer full of deer meat…


I do, and I’m not kidding, I shot two deer, a 4 pointer and a doe last hunting season ten minutes apart. I still have meat left I’m just kind of sick of it, getting grossed out. It’s hard to stuff your face when you’re grossed out.

Regarding money, I have a part time job, go to college, and have bills to pay. My extra money is for some food, gym memebrship, and gas. I have nothing to spare. Embarassing as it is, I needed my mom to come to the gas station last week because I filled my gas tank and didn’t have any money on my debit card. I though I did. Times are sort of tough right now.

One summer I bulked up 40 lbs in 4 months. My staple was a shake after my workout: 1.5 cups of 1% milk, 1 scoop of ice cream, 1 banana, and 1 scoop of whey protein (25 g protein/scoop). If your mom likes Doritos, chances are you’ll have ice cream at home :slight_smile:

I also ate a lot of tuna sandwhichs. You can find cans pretty cheap at the dollar store. Through in a some mustard and relish instead of mayo on whole wheat bread and you have yourself a pretty good snack.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Mixed. Nuts. Beef. Jerky.

quick, portable, great for an easy 5-600 cal snack. do it.

or peanut butter + protein powder, mix thoroughly, freeze. Bam, homemade protein bar.

Bodybuilders don’t snack.


If you like deli meat, like smoked ham, turkey, etc and cheese, check out your local grocery’s specials, or even WalMarts deli counter.

It can be pretty cheap on special.

If I’m in between meals, I’ll just take a couple thin slices of ham and roll it into a piece of cheese. Maybe 2 of those and I’m good to go. Sometimes I’ll squirt some mustard on a dish and dip the ham/cheese roll as I’m eating it (mostly I just scarf it down). Call it ‘antipasta’ :wink:

Eggs are relatively cheap. Boil a dozen-- they’ll keep in the fridge for days.

In addition to junk foods, I have found dairy products to be a culprit of acne for me. Drinking more water, washing my hands after meals, and showering immediately after a workout all seem to have helped.