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In Need of Prescribed Testosterone?

Just out of curiosity I began to read the post “Low testosterone” and it lead me to read the article by Cy Willson “Your Doctor, Your Dealer.” In the article he explained what symptoms to tell the doctor in order to make him believe you have a testosterone deficiency. After reading the symptoms I really think I am testosterone deficient.

  • I am 20 years old and have barely any facial hair (very little around my mouth not stubble).
    -have very little hair on my body and none on my chest.

Then article went to describe certain particular symptoms caused by low tes.


I usually get between 7-9 hours of sleep get up and go to an hour or two of class and am exhausted. Everyday I end up taking a 2-3 hour nap and i could sleep for me but force myself not to.

-Lack of Sex Drive

-Have a hard time gaining muscle despite increased calorie intake:

Although I eat a substantial amount of protein and calories a day I feel my body physique looks a little thin and is missing fullness that I should be achieving from the 5 days a week I workout and etc.

I’m seriously considering finding one of the anti-aging doctors and going in for a test. What are your opinions? Do I have legitimate grounds to go to try to get test. Prescribed? Or am I just trying to find an excuse to get test.?

If you think you have abnormally low test, why not go get lab work done?

The hair thing shouldn’t be any indication of lack of test though… in some cultures, men generally don’t get much body/facial hair at all, and they’re not test deficient.

Up to about three weeks ago I showed all the classic examples of low test. I decided to get the full lab work done (as has been suggested) and came back with normal levels on everything exept insulin.

Since then I have cut out carbs, except for a healthy cheat day, which makes it fairly close to the Anabolic diet.

Three week in : Symptoms gone. I have energy, setting PR’s in the gym (and bedroom), and actually lost some weight.

My point: The symptoms you listed are very generic, and while the lab work still needs doing, Diet and exercise can go a long way. At 20 it is very unlikely that you have a test deficiency.

Just my R0.02

Thanks for the posts. I’m going to try to find a “Life Extension” Doctor and make appt. next week.