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In Need of Music


so 2L is the greatest band of all time. Rage is pretty fuckin awesome. Perfect Circle roolz. Sevendust has some nyse shyt. but i need noo stuf.

considering that i like these bands, what are some other bands and, more specifically, track titles that you're sure i'll like?


Try Deftones' "Adrenaline" and "Around the Fur". Those are good. Another good one is Chevelle. Any release is good. Are you into older metal? If so I suggest Motorhead's greatest hits. It has a very good selection of their music. Hard rockin shit. What are you into besides Tool?


not too much, actually. ive enjoyed Blackalicious, Crystal Method, and similar stuff, but i tend to listen to the same stuff all the time.


Do you like a genre of music called 'rock and roll'? It's the latest craze, I hear.


Sorry to bud into your post but your avatar is smoking...

I am so envious of her glute development LOL... can't make a screensaver out of that without getting flamed by my HR dept. here :stuck_out_tongue:

btw I listen to The Carpenters to drive me into a lifting rage.


2l is indeed the fucking shiznite.

Considering that, I'd recommend checking out...

"Show Me How to Live"
"Set It Off"
"Light My Way"

"Rusty Cage"
"Slaves and Bulldozers"
"Jesus Christ Pose"
"Holy Water"

"Blind World"
"When Are You (Gonna Die?)"

Stone Temple Pilots
"Dead and Bloated"
"Sex Type Thing"
"Piece of Pie"
"No Way Out"

Or just keep listening to TooL. They fucking rock.


Anthrax--Sound of White Noise and Attack of the Killer B's
Slayer--Seasons in the Abyss


Look for Queens of the stone ages


My friend you need to listen to Helmet-any album will do


Yes, Helmet should do the trick, sepecially "In the Mean Time"


Need new music, and has he heard of rock and roll, I believe the new term is Rock and/or Roll???

Here's some good shit:

36 Crazyfists: Alaskan metal/hardcore, get the Snowcapped Romance album, it's delicious.

In Flames: pretty much any album will do

Shadow's Fall: Newer Metal with guitar solos

Dreamtheater: if your into progressive rock? Which you may be, since you dig tool/perfect circle.

Disturbed: Good shite, new album coming out

Resident Evil Soundtrack: Thsi is a damned good soundtrack, from start to finish. Go to a record store and listen to it, you won't be upset.

Soilwork is tasty
Killswitch Engage is engaging on some accounts. Some of their stuff is shit, in my opinion

The new Atreyu is unreal from start to finish. The Cursed is the album......ahhh if that doesn't make you want to lift 900 pounds from the ground, I'm not sure what will.

Snapcase is delightfull. From old to new.

Old Refused is a good album: For the life of me, I can't remember what it's called, ahh yes, I think it's sounds from the revolution or something to that effect. They have an excellent style, the lead singer is now in The International Noise Conspiracy, which interestingly enough I don't like as much.

Punk Rock:

Propagandhi: how to clean everythign album, less cock more rock album, both gems. You might not be able to find it though, it's on FAT Wreck Chords, LA

Good Riddance: All tasty licks

Strung Out: the newest stuff is unreal good

Anyways, that's a quick list....shoudl get you started.

Enjoy all those "tasty licks, spawned from the hellfires of gluttons and thieves...."



nothing can touch tool... but with that being said maybe ud like some flaw, earshot, breaking benjamin, or finger eleven.




The New Disturbed is badass.
I like the new Killswitch Engage and the new Taproot. You might also try OTEP-House of Secrets, and Warhead
Coal Chamber- Loco, Big Truck, Dark Days
Jet- Cold Hard Bitch
Mudvayne - Pushing Through, Happy, Fucking Determined, Forget to Remember
Soulfly- Mars (this ones damn good), and Prophecy
Hatebreed- Live For This, I Will Be Heard, Tear It Down
Korn- Right Now, Play Me

Try downloading these and lemme know what you liked and i'll post more


it's Queens of the Stone Age...not ages...just FYI, and they rock big time.

Helmet is very hard, very good angry music. I have all their CD's and love them.

Check out Hum...CKY...and of course, Cradle of Filth.


thanx for the replies, my DSL blows elephant garbage...

ive been told i gotta get helmet, but i keep forgeting. i 'll definately check out all your suggestions.

wut'z wock n woll?


Rock and roll is about sticking it to the man, don't you forget that Jimmy.

Btw, go for Millionaire by Queens of TSA. It kicks a whole lotta ass.


Dream Theater -look for "train of thought"

Iron Maiden - "Power Slave"

Maybe Kill Switch Engage or System of a Down?


I second this motion.


I've never heard of Helmet. I'll give them a try. Who do they sound like.

By the way does anybody else like DevilDriver, Damage Plan, Lamb of God, or anything like that cause I'm living in Oklahoma, and its hard to find new bands here too.