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In Need of Help, Completely New


hey guys i am completely new to weight training and need some help with everything from a workout routine to a diet. I am now about 5'7" and weigh 115lbs. I want to put on some muscle weight and not be the weak skinny guy anymore, can someone please help me out.


Welcome to the site!

I would suggest reading this excellent starters guide.


Then, come back to this thread and post your stats.

Year/months/days training.
Estimated food/calorie log.
Training log.

Read up come back and post your game plan and im sure you will get tons of responses and be well on your way.

From the sounds of it though, I am going to tell you right off the start, go grocery shopping cause we are gonna need a hella lotta food.

Welcome and regards,




Maxx Power pointed you in the right direction to start with. Optimum Nutrition is the key here and everything else is built off of that. You do all the right exercises, but if your nutrition sucks you won't see any gains and it could actually cause a loss of muscle. Read John Berardi's articles this area.

Second part is lay down a simple compound movement program that you can stick with and give yourself adequate rest to recover and grow.

Third part is read and learn. When someone is educated in an area they will be much more successful then one who is shooting in the dark and spinning their wheels.

This site is loaded with cutting edge info on nutrition and training take advantage of this free resource. I also highly recommend going into the store and reading up on the individual products.

That way as you get more advanced you can know how to add proper supplementation into the mix when appropriate for specific goals. Right now a good MRP like Metabolic Drive or Grow Premium Whey is all that is needed in addition to again good whole food nutrition.

Lastly PM me or other experienced guys and gals here if you have more detailed questions.

Good luck!