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In Need of Food Tips

living on your own takes its toll when your to busy with work and school to worry about what you eat… well…
im a 21 year old male that knows his way around the kitchen and isnt afraid of cooking. but all the recipes i see are body slimming concoctions that dont have what i need, im a skinny kid that sheds body fat like sweat and my metabolism gets the best of me because in my line of work even when im not active, sometimes id be lucky to get a snack id be so busy.

so im wondering if there is any recipe or food item thats not bad for my health and that can help me pack on pounds and or last me for a while.
any tips would be appreciated

If you mean on the go foods, then there are other threads that go into this and can be found with the searh function.

Breakfast - a blender, cream, protein powder, bananas, oats, peanut butter + honey is an easy way of getting calories in.

Dinner - as you’re not worried about carbs, while I was at uni - I would stir fry meat + veg in 1 pan in another cook pasta/rice/other starchy carbs in another. Grab a packet of sauce stir together at the end and eat. Meal in 20 mins.

Can I copy that image and print it out?

It will be useful to have about 100 copies on hand whenever people ask me how much N.O. product I’ve taken to make this transformation. I can just hand them out at will to people who need them also.

good foods for good bulk, IMO

peanut butter

whole milk

lots of complex carbs

simple and effective