In Need Of Equipment (NoVA and Maryland)

I’ve recently decided to get together a small gym setup in my home. I’m looking for a power rack, adjustable bench, dumbells and olympic bar and plates.

I’ve been looking around, but the main problem seems to be a power rack. I know that NY barbell sells at a good price, but I’m tight for cash at the moment.

I’m in the DC metro area but I’m willing to travel out of the immediate area. If anyone is looking to get rid of or knows anyone that is, any help would be appreciated.

Craig’s List is a maybe… but it will be hard to find a “true” power rack. I suggest you save what you can and go to NY Barbell. That’s exactly what I did. Or you could start off with some squat stands if you can find them. If you do find the power rack that I think you are looking for, make sure you take EXACT measurements. I did find one that would have fit in my garage but I couldn’t flip it to the upright posistion.
Good Luck

When I built my gym I scoured craigslist for months looking for stuff. Unfortunately most of what’s posted on there is junk. The type of flimsy stuff people buy at sports authority. You could get lucky, but unless you’re willing to spend several months checking the site everyday, I would just bite the bullet and buy a rack elsewhere.

I bought this rack a couple years back. It is SOLID, and it’s only $400 bucks with shipping included. The pin holes are every 3", but throwing a rubber mat or plates under the bench can add more variety. They also sell a solid flat bench for $100. I’m not one to throw out brands, but this is a great buy.

I contacted a few people on Craigslist who were advertising power racks. If that doesn’t work out, which is a very good possibility, I’m gonna keep saving and just buy a new rack. Thanks for the help.