In Need of an Iphone Nerd

I have an Iphone 3G 3.1.2 jailbroken phone and I am having trouble with cydia. I have tried cyberduck but that won’t connect for some reason and I have tried Iphone explorer but I can’t find the var folder to delete the files to make cydia stop crashing. Can anyone help me out?

Also I have a lot of contacts and photos that I do not want to lose. I’m a complete noob on this so specific help would be appreciated.

Well, I can tell I had a 3G too… and it was too shit slow for Cydia to run and it kept crashing too. I got rid of the phone.

Do you want to remove the jailbreak?

I personally think the 3G is waaaaaaay to slow for running Cydia on, or just as a phone in general.