In Need of a Little Help, Next Cycle Plan

First and foremost, Greetings to everyone! I’m a new t-nation member but not new to the forum(s.) Found this forum however, to be one of the most professional. I would like to ask you (hopefully some of the most experienced would like to respond) for your help in helping me get back on track after an injury sidelined me for about 3 months with surgery involved. Here are my stats: 6 1’, about 200 lbs, 47 yrs, about 10-12% body fat (gained some body fat from being inactive.) My BP seems to rise a bit when cycling, but returns to normal when only on TRT (200 mgs E2WKS,) and doc prescribed metroprolol to control it. Been on TRT for 17 years and cycled many times during this time (don’t know how many exactly but many.) In pretty good shape, but would like to know your opinion on my next cycle. In the past I’ve ran the following:

WK1-16- 250 mgs of test cyp or enan and equipoise every 5 days (sometimes only test)
20 mgs of nolva every day (10 mgs in the morning; 10 mgs before bed

and then back to TRT @ 200 mgs of Depo-testosterone every 2 wks. I Seem to respond well to this cycle.

Here’s what I’m thinking of doing to get back:

WK 1/16 250 mgs of Test Enanthate every 5 days
250 mgs of Equipoise every 5 days
WK 1-4 20 mgs of D-bol every day
20 mgs of Nolva (10 am; 10 mgs pm)
400 i.u. of Hcg per week (1 shot)

What do you guys think? Also, If I were to introduce Tren A at 50 mgs EOD when would be the best time to do it (what week? and for how long? and what mgs?) What is the best time to take D-bol and should you split into 2 dosages of 10mgs? i know the dosages are low but at my age no need to sacrifice health…although I might be able to out run most people out there (before surgery :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly for your responses…getting back in the gym will help me control and overcome my PTSD, my injury and do what I do best…I’ll keep you guys posted, if you don’t mind.


If you have PTSD I’d avoid tren (or 19-nors for that matter), the effect of 19-nors on neurotransmitters could easily make symptoms of PTSD worse. Secondly, if trying to keep things safe then any amount of tren is out (tren just isn’t safe period, maybe at like a micro dose of 50mg/wk), have you used tren before, do you know how you react to it. At 47 tren shouldn’t be touched

As to you’re doses 250mg e5d + eq at same dose + DBOL @20mg/day equates to 840mg of gear / wk, add in tren 175mg/wk (on paper that’s an extra 875mg of test equivalent/wk) and that’s 1015mg/wk without factoring in the potency of tren and 1715mg/wk when factored in… Not such a low dose. If you were just running 250mg test e5d I’d say that’s a low dose. In my opinion, guys who aren’t competing shouldn’t be using over 1 gram of test equivalent/wk, however it’s not to say it’s wrong if you do, that’s just my opinion, as it creates unessecary risk.

Is the cycle before or after surgery? Is it counteract muscle wasting post surgery while you can’t work out or to recover from the surgery quicker? If that’s the case such a high dose isn’t required and depending on which type of surgery you need to be aware of the risk of blood clots.

Anabolic steroids aren’t going to be a cure for PTSD, many AAS (however this is extremely individual) can have a negative impact on mental health status (DBOL and test seem to make people feel universally great though, although there’s still exceptions)

Keep an eye on BP, lipids will likely take quite a large strain on DBOL, so keep use to a minimum. Don’t let HCT get above 60%


I would say that EQ should be out of you have PTSD. Unless you are 100% sure that you don’t get anxiety from it I would stay away. I know that anxiety is not the most common side effect of EQ, but it’s possible. And for someone who’s battling something as serious as PTSD you really really don’t want to take that risk. I think you’d almost be better off just increasing test and using the dbol at the dose you described. Dbol has a lot of benefits, including some positive mood enhancements. You could make some awesome progress with just low dbol and a decent test dose. If you’ve been on trt and cycling for nearly two decades then you know exactly what your body can handle and what works. So I say trust that and avoid tren or EQ. Does that make sense to you?

Thank you Iron_yuppie. I will drop the Equipoise and stick only with Test and the dbol (which will be the first time using.) What dosages would you suggest on the test? Also, would primo be a good addition? If so at what dosages? Didn’t realize the Eq. affected anxiety.

Hey Unreal24278,

Thank you for your post…it clarified questions I didn’t even know to ask and made me wonder if my anxiety was partially cause by my eq. use over the years. The cycle will be for after the surgery. I’ll be back in the gym on monday. I wasn’t using AAS to combat PTSD…I meant to say that getting back in the gym would help me but perhaps didn’t express it that way. Lost some muscle for sure but usually gain it back quickly.

I’ve decided to drop the Eq. and just try the test with the dbol. What would you suggest in terms of dosages? Could primo be used safely with the test and dbol?
The cycle i’ve mention is the only thing i’ve ever done…test and eq. which has been good to me throughout the years. I will also drop the Tren idea as well. Shit, I have 4 bottles of Eq and 1 Tren…wasted oil… D-bol will be used as a kickstarter for only 4 weeks at a dose of 20mgs and nolva at 20 mgs. Hcg at 400 per week. I noticed that most use HCG at 500 per week divided in 2 shots.

Wk 1-16 Test Enanthate at 250 or 500 EW
Wk 1-4 Dbol @ 20 mgs per day
Wk 1-16 Primo??? what mgs would you suggest?
Wk 1-16 Nolva at 20 mgs.
Wk 1-16 HCG at 400/500 per week

After, will continue with my TRT at 100 mgs per week.

Your thoughts?

I apologize I don’t give dosage protocols because if something goes wrong then it’s my fault and I’m liable for damages, sorry. I always say minimum effective dose is the way to go though

Hey unreal,

I understand. Not a big deal. Thanks anyways for the heads up on the Tren and Eq. I learned a bit from your advice. Much appreciated. Good luck on your bodybuilding goals

I ran alot of test Ethan. And eq cycles. 600mg test 600mg eq a week. Was fine while I was on the cycle but once finished even with pct I got bad depression and anxiety until I would go back on and then be fine again. Eventually just ended up doing trt now in between cycles like yourself and it helps alot. Eq is a nice drug it is my go to. I enjoyed using it but would recommend for the first time user to go not more than 1ml a week. Dbol are always great to. Gotta be your own doctor and see what works for you, how much you need, and what you need to be taking.


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I should mention I started 1ml test e. 1 ml eq for first couple cycles then one got used to it went to 2 and 2 for next 3 4 cycles then eventually 3 and 3 but that was way to much for me. I wish I stayed to straight 1ml test 1 ml eq would have had alot less side effects. ie joint pain, mental health. Stay low dose run it longer

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Thank you for your input. Yeah, I too love Eq. I’m going to give primo a “shot”(hehe) and see how I react to it. Have you tried primo before? I’m also going to try dbol at 20 mgs per day for the first 3-4 weeks. I too am starting to believe that low dosages are the way to go and run things longer like 16 weeks. It has worked well for me thus far. The only thing that I will change is the frequency of my shots to every 7 days vs every 5. A doc friend of mine told me that at my age to always take an anti-estrogen like nolvadex at 20 mgs per day divided in 2 dosages first thing in the morning and before bed. I also take a very low dose of viagra before each workout (30-45 min)…4-5 times per week, as per his suggestion and have experienced great pumps (this has only happened this last year.) At 47 I have the body of a 30 year old…not the face. My vitamin intake and Herbs protocol throughout the years have kept me healthy. Thank you Canadian208

How much primo do you plan on using and will you be using it with EQ?

Hey Iron_yuppie,

I’m going to replace EQ with Primo and run it at about 2-3 cc’s per week. I’m curious to see how it compares to EQ. What is your experience with primo?