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In Need of a Dietary Plan


On my last post i asked how can i grow more,and i mentioned that i did not have a dietary plan and they told me that was the problem!Can anyone help? i have no idea what should i do!


You should use the search function to look up articles and past threads pertaining to your inquiry. Create a diet based on the information you find in there with the foods that you have readily available to you. No one is going to spoon feed you...


haha i did not ask for some one to feed me,i wanted some info,like the best foods and all that.


Dude, the problem is that you're asking such a general question. It's like just saying, "Hey everyone, what are the best exercises? Thanks."

Like Jase said, search for nutrition articles (there are tons of them on the site) and follow the info. Based on your other thread, you're already pretty strong and you put on some good weight in the last year. That doesn't (usually) happen by accident.

Start here, to get the basics of a size-building diet in order:


I can tell you my list of foods that I consume on a regular basis(although I've stopped the dairy products)


fish - mainly tuna cans

Fast carbs - fruits(usually 1 of each per day on workout days)

slow carbs
whole wheat bread, rice, spaghetti
beans and other foods that are in the same category as beans. I don't know what they are called in english.

low fat milk
cottage cheese
very little cheese every now and then
low fat yogurt

other stuff
olive oil
fish oil(supplement)
almonds and other nuts

peppers(red, green usually)
(I usually make a salad out of all of the above)
and probably more I can't remember

lots of water

multivitamin, whey protein, fish oil supplements(I'll add creatine, maybe extra vitamin C and something to help me sleep better later on)


pretty solid list

I usually go with

Sweet Potatoes
Whole Eggs
Egg Whites
Natty Peanut Butter
Eskiel(sp) Bread

Powerade Zero
Green Tea


Yes but now im on a normal state for body size,cuz i was really skinny,so i started eating meat alot,white chicken,whole chicken and everything else,but to tell the truth i did not have a clean diet,but it worked preety well.My main dilema is how should i split the amount of protein and carbohydrates i consume during the day.

I want to use the two anabolic windows of the day so i can win the most of what i eat,and i thought that some fish before practice,whey protein and cafeine,and than after work out whey again.
I will add some creatine to my diet,i read about 20 posts about the diet and this is what i came up with.tell me what you think.

Breakfast:3-5 eggs,scrambeld with some olive oil + 500ml milk,with whey protein and a bannana.
Some almonds at 10 or 11.
Than for dinner the vegetables with red meat(that is available every day in my family)
than depending on my mood right after dinner tuna or chicken.
before practice cafeine and milk,with whey protein.
After practice chicken again.
2-3 hours before sleep cootage cheese with olive oil.

I will have fish oil,creatine and magnesium and zink and all in the diet but im working on it.suggestions?

p.s. sorry for my bad english,facebook-s fault.


Thanks man i added some of this to my current diet,wich is in progress :stuck_out_tongue:


You are missing a few meals.


Than talk man !


I can tell you from the stuff I posted how I would eat when I stop trying to lose weight:

EVERY meal has VEGETABLES and either meat/fish or 4-5 eggs or whey protein shake.
In the morning and pre/post workout I eat slow carbs. Morning, pre/during/post workout I eat fast carbs.
I eat almonds or other nuts and the meats that aren't lean(that have some fat) during afternoon/night.

If I were to consume dairy as well(I don't cause I'm lactose intolerant mainly) I would probably drink some milk in the morning and alternate eating yogurt one day and the next cottage cheese at night.

An example would be

4-5 eggs and maybe ONE scoop of whey protein (Protein source)
an apple (fast carb)
milk + oatmeal (dairy+ slow carb)
Vegetables. Nothing fits with the above taste-wise but I don't really care.(veggies)

Pre workout meal
chicken (protein source)
brown rice (slow carb)
some orange juice (fast carb)

During/post workout shake
a banana and TWO scoops of whey protein (protein + fast carb)

Post workout meal
pork with fat (protein + fat source)
beans (slow carb)
berries(fast carb)
Vegetables with olive oil(fat source)

before night
couple of cans of tuna (protein)
some almonds (fat source)
cottage cheese/yogurt