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In Living Color


Favorite show as a kid. I'm surprised I didn't make a thread about this before.

5pts to the first person to quote Homey the Clown.


homey don’t play that


[quote]artw wrote:
homey don’t play that[/quote]

5pts to you sir!




In Living Color = Responsible for Jim Carey’s Suucess.


Who are you talking to Gordy? I’m Over HERE!

LEEET Me tell Ya Somthin.

Haha Jim Carey had some great charachters with fire marshall bill and jucy Jay the Juice weasel.



Hell I remember it coming out while I was in college.


[quote]younggully wrote:
In Living Color = Responsible for Jim Carey’s Suucess.[/quote]

Firemarshall Bill FTW!


Jennifer Lopez was a fly girl I believe.


it’s funny this just came up because I partied with Tommy Davidson randomly like 3 months back in Dubai. He was cool as hell.


[quote]younggully wrote:
In Living Color = Responsible for Jim Carey’s Suucess.[/quote]

Yeah, but back then we all used to say “that white guy on Living Color.”


Yea J.Lo was a flygirl during season 1 or 2 I believe … I have them introducing her on one of the DVD’s I have … effing love that show


Wrote a song about it, wanna hear it? here’s how it goes!


What you in here for?

Touchin breastisis that wasn’t mine.


Juicy J…LMAO @ 0:31



Hell yea Juicy J, I was just watching this the other night!


Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice:


That show was classic, it’s like an All Star line up since a good portion of the actors on the show went on to big things. This show is where I first saw Jamie Foxx, with the cross-eyed lady he played LOL.