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In It for the Long Run

Hell yeah

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Well - today was “bold”.

Deadlift 178 8 sets of 3.
About 16 weeks back it took me 45 mins to pull 4 sets of 3 with 190. So to pull 8 sets of 3 within 25mins as weel. Very happy. Progress.

Front squat
100 3x6 felt like I had much more in there. I will push this next time.

Goblet squat and lunge SS limited by plate size.
25kg GS. +10kg lunge

Straight leg deadlift and dimmer dead lift
3x12 each of. 110kg each of.


Good solid progress in here Carl, any news of future comps?

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Not yet. My coach is asking me to hold off anything for a while. He wants a good 5-7 months I think. Its a bit crap. BUT the guy is strong as you like. Squats 400kg - without a suit. So he knows his stuff. So I’m gonna let him work his magic.

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Exciting times, be interesting to watch your progress with a coach, you’ve been training hard and been seriously dedicated for a while now, so it’ll be a good comparison.

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Thank you.
Yeah - its exciting. I’ve committed to a year with a coach. Which is not a massive amount of time. But already hes got a plan for the next 16 weeks. And its nice to “be lead” for a while.

We’ve agreed targets. I’m looking toward 180/200kg front squat. And 110kg log over head. Which are big. But honestly I feel like I have them.

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Seated press
65 5*5
Dead stop close grip bench
3x8 70kg
2x8 60kg

3x12 11kg

Skull crusher
40kg 5x8
Kick bcks
3x12 10kg

Land mine row
50kg 3x15
Fat man pull ups
11, 8, 8.

The super set
Rear flies 5kg
Lorry drivers 10kg
Curls 25kg
all 3x12

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