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In It for the Long Run

Weighed in at 106.8 this AM. Which was nice. Not sure if I’ve genuinely lost a ton of weight or my measures have been off.

Either way I’m okay with it.

106.8 is only 3kg heavier than the goal for the end of next month.

6weeks - 3 kg. EASY.

Rugby training last night was good. Not too intense. About 1.15 of work. Feel tired and run down today. Maybe dehydrated which is why my 106.8 is "tainted ". We will see come Monday if I can sustain that number.

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Weight this morning was 107.4.

Today was 2.5 meal day. 7 eggs for breakfast and 400g of chilli for dinner. So I’m at 135g of protein. But I skipped lunch and all I had for food aside from that was 1 banana and a pear.

Exercise was:
60 goblet squat (10kg)
30 press up
50 goblet squat
20 press up
41 goblet squat
11 press up.

Weight tonight was 107.6kg at 20.00. So should be 106.something tomorrow

106.9 this morning.
2/3 mornings I’ve been under 107 - starting to think it’s legit.

Whoop whoop.
Still got 3kg to go but happy boy!

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Good mornings training today.
3 events.
75kg log was a bit messy and I’m losing time and energy in the clean. If I tidy this up I’ll be fine I think. I have 11 log sessions left until competition day. I’ll sort it in 5.
I managed 5 reps in 60 seconds. Not stella. But respectable. I’m hoping to get all 10. Again - get my clean sorted and I can.

Farmers into yoke medley. Not strictly in comp but I have both in comp.
Farmers was easy. Fast feet. I must start moving BEFORE I’m fully stood up. This will help with my time.
Yoke - its balance. I’m losing the bar as I run. It’s not a major issue. Its only the 2nd time I’ve done yoke. But it’s a work on.

Over all good day. Confident in good placing in yoke and farmers.

Whoop whoop - 106.1 this morning.
Very happy. Another 3 weeks of this and I’ll be 103ish. And then I can take my foot off the gas with fat loss.
I don’t want to lose too much before the comp and risk loosing any strength.

Training tonight cant wait!

Having a Covid scare in my house right now. So we are confined to the house. Back to the home gym. Today was an easy day ready for a harder day on Wednesday.

Front squat 3x3 at 130kg. This was a bit harder than I expected by set 3. I had another few sets in me but the point of this work out is just to do it not for it to be hard.
OAR - 3x3 at 60kg.
Again I had more but really slowed this down to make the most of it.
Small incline bench
5 sets of 3 at 90kg
Smooth. Really worked the bottom stretch.

So Covid scare. My eldest came down stairs last night because he was struggling with a blocked nose (not a symptom of Covid) and then couldn’t smell the menthol rub I got out for him. He then tried to see if he could smell some deep heat and he couldn’t. And its not like he was struggling to breath through his nose.

So a bit shit. Back to front squat, press and OAR. Not the best prep. Going to get some weight so I can dead lift. I need to get another 40kg to get to competition weight.
All in all a bitof a shit turn of events. But hey - it could be worse. I still have a home gym!

For shots and giggles - I weighed myself tonight. I’m down to 106.1 before bed. So 105.sometning tomorrow. I could possibly stay this weight and dehydrate for the comp. But fuck that. I hate that sort if thing. Let’s go for close to 102 then have a refeed few weeks prior to the comp.

Yeap woke up at 105.7 . Both happy and worried, I’m not trying to ditch weight this fast. Worried that I’m gonna lose some strength.
I dont feel like I’m losing any. My last round of farmers and yoke were good. Log was okay. Not gonna panic. But 3kg in 2 weeks is fast.

I’ll stay the course for now. And if needed I’ll add some food. Also I’m that fat I shouldn’t lose any strength for a long time.

I wouldn’t say that is overly fast, probably wouldn’t want it to be much faster but (depending on current body comp) I wouldn’t have thought you’d lose any strength at all from that, I lose more on hydration and forgetting a meal occasionally!

Yeah - it not too drastic but I just want to keep and eye on it. I have my strong man comp coming up. And I can’t really afford to drop any strength.

My plan is to cut right down toward 100 and then re feed on back toward 103/104. Go in supercharged.

How’s your testing going? What’s squat at?

Squat test coming up Friday! My back isn’t great today though so I’m apprehensive (emoms on deads yesterday, I lost balance on one set and went forward so assuming it’s that) - but squats don’t generally bother my back and often warming up with squats gets my back feeling good so there’s hope!

Was going to deload bench and 1rm ohp then 1rm bench next week but think I’ll switch it round and 1rm bench today, so that’ll be fun!

That’s for sure, but I am confident you won’t, you work hard and I’m sure you’ll at least maintain if not build, it’s not like you’re mega low cal dieting - sensible work steady loss you’ll be fine.

Thanks. I guess I’m just ultra nervous with this being my first comp. I want to make a good show of things.

I find this. My 2nd warm up set always feels harder than my work set it find. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve warmed up thinking “This is a mistake - I’m going to die. I can’t do this” only to get to the work set and I break a PR.

Yea definitely agreed there, sometimes I’ll hit set going up in weight and think “that was way heavier than I expected” then the next one or next couple are golden, weird how the body works!

do you get the same with 5x5?

With 5x5 even I the weight remained the same - it was a running joke with a gym buddy of mine that set 1 was almost as hard as set 5. In fact in order of difficulty it went

Very strange.

I haven’t used 5x5 in so long I genuinely can’t remember, but yes to any rep range where I’m not increasing weight, having said that I made it most of the way through thibs sgss program that had 5x5 in it at one point and yes that was the same as you, I think it’s something to do with neural efficiency, or some such sciencey sounding things!

So at home doing my lock down full body workout.

Front squat
130kg x 6 happy. Maybe had 7 but no safety bars so I thought better. Also beltless. So I figure this (a 2kg pr for 6 reps) to be an outstanding win.
Back squat
130 x 20 in 2:25. I fucking hate this. I have a genuinely fucking hate for high rep squats as a finisher. My leg are shaking and I feel sick. My lower back feels like its been blended. My ACDC teeshirt needs to drop dry.
Honestly I want this comp SO bad. But if some else wins I’ll be happy for them. To beat me you must have worker harder than me. And I will be happy to see their hard work rewarded.

Incline bench
90kg x 7 - I though this was 5-6 at a push. 7 is a result.
50kg x 10
40kg x 10
30kg x 17
All ss with max pull ups.
5,3,2 bit shit but I’m fucked by this point.

@alex_uk just to carry on our observations - warming you to front squats. 50kg felt harder than 90kg. And 110kg felt as easy 90kg.

It why I ALWAYS finish a warm up. No mater how crap I’m feeling I finish my warm up. If I’m get to my last warm up set and things are still hard I’ll can it. But before that you have no idea how you’re going to feel.

Edit - fired this over 1/2 way through the work out. So I’m adding the reps in as I go.

Also any worry I had about weight loss = stregth loss has been 100% abated. I felt weak today. But trained like a monster. Hit 2 prs.


That’s some serious work there, 130kg for a 20 rep set is big cajones, particularly after pr’ing the front squat!

I’m testing squats tomorrow so hoping for some PRs too!

Love this.

Quick question out of curiosity, what grip width do you use for the incline bench? I’ve heard that one should use a narrower grip than when flat benching?

Yeah man - post it up. I think you’re gonna surprise yourself.

It just about finding ways to work hard. It doesn’t have to be fancy. But I 100% what I mean about the winner. The guy that wins WILL have worked as hard for harder than me and for longer.
I’ll be devastated for me. But happy for him. I’m starting to see the sacrifices needed to get proper strong. It’s hard work.
That said I’m working as hard as I can I win. Screw 2and place.


My grip might be a touch narrower. But not that much. And not really on purpose. I’ve never taken too much time to worry about it. Just find one that’s comfortable.

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