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In It for the Long Run: 260kg Deadlift, 200kg Front Squat, 130kg Log Press

I have to appreciate any Lent diet that has a strong meat foundation behind it. A 40 day reset of any variety should have some interesting effects.

Yeah long enough to see results. Short enough to remain intense and focused.
40 days / 6 weeks seems to be a good amount of time.

Question - SuperSquats or BtM?
In April after lent I’m gonna run one or the other. Seems like a “good” idea.
I like the idea of SS. But I’ll end up doing 20 reps with 180-190kg. Which I find daunting. I know that’s the point but I also question the ability of my 36 year old body to recover.
Where as BtM look more achievable for some reason.

We are the same age. You can recover, haha. You still looking to compete? If so, BtM is a better fit.

I’m glad you are confident. I’m not lol.

If I do SS I’ll start at 3x week. But keep in mind that the book does talk about 2x week. So I might change to E3D toward the end. That’s what I did last time. Still get the same number of work out done. But over a longer period.
And keep some high level conditioning in there on days off.

If I do BtM - my only issue is the 100 chin ups. This is a lot. Like - will take me all day. I might have to do inverted rows on rings.
And again keep up the conditioning.

FYI - I’m not looking to compete. I might do one or two in the far future. But I’m not looking for comps. I’m getting more and more tempted by running a cycle. I almost brought the gear back in October. If it was not for my wife vetoing the idea I would have I think. And that is a bad thing for me. On the list of people that should run a cycle - I’m next to last. I’m the “Some is good, more is better, loads is great” sort of guy. I’d end up doing tren before the end of the year or something silly like that. So I’m stepping back from competing. Until I can accept the fact that the playing field is not even. OR I can win regardless.

This is why you “Why” question was quite good to read. I figured my why out a little while back. I want to be impressive and respected. Strong man was the medium I used to convey this. As strong man was always more impressive to me that body building or power lifting.
But now I understand my motivations more I can be smarter in my training. for instance I’ve known for a time now that I want to squat 200kg for 20 reps. But had no idea “why”. Its because if I walk into any gym in the world and knock out a set of 20 reps with 200kg/440lb on my back - people will notice. In a good way.


Gotta put the positivity out there man; otherwise it won’t come back.

Good to have that awareness with the drugs and the goals. It’s the first step.

If you want a few variations on 20 rep squats, Stuart McRoberts’ “Brawn” had some.

I realized I didn’t respond to your Simon Sinek question. I am familiar with him, but haven’t read anything. I seem to only like to read from dead people, haha.

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Axle DL - 170kg x10
November I managed 8/9 with 180kg on DL bar. I’m happy with this.
10 kg down but 1rep up. Also:
I’m 6 weeks with no DL, I’m assuming the bar is 10 (it’s not, but it’s not 20). And it’s axle. So I’ve not gone backwards.

87.5 x 3 sets of 8

Hanging leg rises
3 sets till fail

Sled push
5 round trips (20 then return)

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I’ll get it off of Amazon tonight.

To be fair I’m not sure how much you’d get. Aside from validation. You’re already doing 90% of his stuff. Which is why I assume you’re successful.
I’d share my book with you. But I think shipping it internationally is a stretch. Sorry.

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Just gonna tag @ChongLordUno for a bit more smoke up ass sort of thing.

Dude - even with a small bump I there’s not much love on here for your 2500 burpees. Maybe because this is a “body building” and “strength training” forum. But still. That was epic.

I’ve watched a bit more and you can see you hit what runners call the wall of pain in a marathon. When all your glycogen has gone from your body and you’re actually not sure what you are running on. I know 3 people that have completed a marathon and they said at this point the ONLY thing that keeps you going is the crowd. One even said physiologically you do give up. And with out the crowd you’d only have 20% of the runner left in at the 22 mile marker.

So for you to get it done. With no crowd. And all that back pain. This goes in the top draw. With the guy that squatted 180kg for like 40 reps.


Thank you @carlbm i’m really humbled by this post

You’re spot on. At one point it became a lucid experience and my head was in a daze however I had told everyone I was doing it and I wasn’t going back on my word. That’s what drove me.

I really appreciate you man. Thanks for taking the time to write this out


Its fine dude. I like it when people do extraordinary things. It makes me happy. I don’t know why. But seeing someone do something bat shit crazy makes me smile. And this fits the bill.


So - log.
I’m doing 5 pros on log. And then working incline Bench harder. In the past I had great success with the 350 method.
Log 75kgx5 easy
Incline bench - 70kg 350 method (3 sets of AMRAP try and reach 50 total).
23, 16, 11. Got my 50 1st time out. I like the 350 method as it really makes you work hard.
Move to 80kg next.

OAR 55x10 - grip is going before anything else. I’m hesitant to use wraps though. As I need to improve my grip.

Flies front and back. Front 12 at 10. Back 10 at 8.
Straight arm lat pull downs. For volume.

Arms till pain.


Struggle tonight. Glutes hurt, hammies hurt, chest and back hurt.
Last ate 9h ago. And it’s 01:40. But work done.

10:20 Intervals on assault air bike. I got caught up for a moment about “is 10:20 effective”. Until I did it and I was fucked. So it’s effective.

Did 8 rounds as well. This is obviously based on tabata. As the counter stops at 8 lol. But it’s a good cut off. I’ll get to all 8 at 800 watts+ then move to 20:10

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So - front squat 130kg for 8 reps.
And back squat for 15 reps. I flaked out on this. I was aiming for 20.

I’m meant to do 20. I’m also meant to do single leg stuff. But BLEGH. I can’t be arsed.


So - I might have missed my 20 rep squats as I have covid. This would explain a bit.

The next 5 days will be a bit lighter. But still keeping to the something every day. You’ll have to wait for my 20/20 time @T3hPwnisher

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So something every day faded as I started to cough up lung chucks (a slang term for phlegm). I’ve had 2 days of.

Today I will be going for my press workout. And maybe some yoke. Just because.

My press workout if 75kg for max, I should then do pull ups and dips. But I can not at home. So I will revert to bench and bent over row. I have my sand bag for the row. It is 60kg so not heavy but the feel is much better. I might try for sets of 15-20.

Then curls.

Yoke will be 200kg E2MOM - for maybe 15m return or 30m straight out. Depend if the alley way is busy. I might be on isolation but I think dipping into the alley way for a 1/4h is excusable.

75x10 on press
Slight incline bench 80kg 10, 8 reps. This was harder than expected. I’m looking at 350 method this weight (higher incline) after getting to the 350 target with 70kg earlier this month. So I’m going to assume you be of two things.
1 press is harder in on the pressing muscles than push press
2 I’m much stronger over a bight incline.

Then yoke
190kg 5x 15m return every 2mins.

60kg sand bag rows - 20, 20, 12


Today is a write off I think. Too tired to work out. I’m ill ill today. Burning behind the eyes, can’t breath because of coughing ill. Odd how this has come in two bouts.I’ll Wednesday fine Saturday then I’ll again. But such is life.

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Solid work as always brother

Your cold sounds very similar to one I had. Came in 2 waves. Seems to be doing the rounds. Heal up brother and tame the iron

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Thank mate. Yeah sometimes you have to accept a temporary stay of action for the greater good. Still I managed a good workout the day before. I saw you latest effort. With the kid in the back ground. I love it. I can sometimes be 1/2 way though a set in the garden gym and have to separate my fighting kids.