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In It for the Long Run: 260kg Deadlift, 200kg Front Squat, 130kg Log Press

ME press day.

I forgot my sheet so I had to wing it.
I know I had heavy triples for push press. After that I was a bit vague.

Push press was 3x3 at 100kg
Shoulder press machine 2x6 with drop sets - 55kg
pec deck - not sure but 3x12
triceps lots
back - super set close grip and lat pull down 3x25 8 plates
rear delt flies bands. 3x75

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So strong man day yesterday.

ski erg. 2x100m. both sub 17 seconds. In fact 16.5 - my fastest time.
300m in 57 seconds. I hate this.

Next was viking press. warmed up to 93kg - reps in 60 seconds. Got 17.
Then stones. We were doing singles. I got all the stones up to 130kg. And that flew up. I think I’ll gie the 150 a go soon.

The Hurc hold. full stack on the cable machines + 20kg. 1.08. Happy with that. I as a bit worried before the comp. But now not so.

Also - the boy wanted these put up. He loves a bit of T nation appreciation:


Good lad. Start them early

yes mate. A few days later we did a loading race. using the 15&20 kg sand bags and a 25kg medicine ball. He owned it. We ran it twice and he loved it. He is just deep down a strong boy.


Man this log is awesome, but the boy - that’s great. How old and heavy is he?
My oldest is a 7yo and I’m trying to let him train a little. He did a couple pullups last night haha.

He is 8., and about 35kg. I have a 6 year old that 1/2 trains as well.

I keep it fairly low level. I have a few “golden rules”. Like they never move more than their body weight. So even though he CAN pick up a 40/50kg yoke I don’t let him.
And we keep a load of reps in the tank. If you see him do 5 rep - he has another 2/3 at least. He is well aware that weights whilst fun can injury you if you push too hard.

Pull ups are the staple of everything we do together though. I mean - weight training is not dangerous for kids. BUT it can be harmful over the years. So I tend to look at natural movements. pull ups, dips, picking stuff up, jumping. I’ve thought about sticking all the stuff we’ve done together before. There are a few good bit we’ve picked up.


Also thank you…

And yes he is. And yes I’m aware that I am over shadowed by him.


Great stuff.
A thread on “kid training” would be great for lots of us.
I have 4 kids from 7yo to 0, and the 3 that can walk have a diversity of strengths and weaknesses.
Bicycling is a good sneaky way to make them work, I run alongside, they pedal.
Pushups, air squats. I think those are pretty safe for them.
I’d love to get more ideas, I’ll be watching your log and hope to be inspired!


So a bit of a mehh day, dead lifting.
225 on the bar was aiming for 2 sets of 2. I managed 1 set of 2. Then 3x3 at 190.
I should be happy this is the most I’ve ever pulled (from a 1 inch mat) but I’m bummed I missed set 2.
Any way after this 3x5 SSB good morning,
then Super set 1 leg leg press, 4x10 at 80kg/leg
4x12 8 plates leg extensions.


Me upper body
3x3 102.5kg push press.

To be fair what’s holding me back is wrist position. I lose strength as they bend back.

Shoulder press 2.5 plates 3x6
Triceps and back T bar 80kg 3x10
Then cardio.

A tad more meat to these bones. Working hard on explosive over head movement. I’m pretty good at my over head leg drive. But I’m trying to get better. Trying to get the timing right. Use the arms too early and you’re pushing to much of the weight. To late and the momentum is gone.
Triceps are getting a heavier hammering. Less volume more weight. Back is playing 2nd fiddle right now. up coming comp has no real back movement in it. Not even a clean. Thats not to say I’m not doing some back work. But its low on the list.

Cardio - 2 500m sprints on the assult bike. This might sound a bit easy but it is not. its a balls to the wall nothing left in the tank 40second sprint. Twice. Try doing a 2 all out sprints in 3 mins.


So I have done 1 session since this.
My dad passed away and its taken the drive out of me. I wish it had made me angry or even sad. I can with that. It is more just vacuum. I can;t get motivated about a vacuum.

Saturday I did push press - a few heavy singles and doubles. About 100kg.
Incline bench - 80kg for 4, 70kg for 4, 60kg for 8
And dead lift 2x3, then 1 set of 4 at 200kg on an axle.

Sorry to hear about that dude.

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My condolences for your loss

I’m so sorry to hear this too. Take good care of yourself over the next while — the emotional impact of something like this sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

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@oldnattychris @Koestrizer @dagill2

Thank you. Its been a rough few weeks. And its going to get harder. No doubt. Had my first gym session ins a while today.
I’ve given up on my coach as I can;t afford him. So I’m doing a basic peak. The main lifts will be:

W1 5x5 at 80%
W2 3x5 at 85%
W3 5x3 at 87%
W4 3x3 at 90%
W5 1x3 at 92%
W6 3x1 at 95%

These are all % effort. I have an idea on each what I want to do. And where I want to end up.
The assessories will start VERY high volume. 3x10 upper body days and 6x6 for the 2nd lift and then just max volume after that. Each week I’ll drop it a touch ad then week 5 will be main and 2nd lift ony with week 6 main lift only. Week 7 will be VERY light work. Not off - but not pushing it.

With that in mind - lift today:
press - 5x5 75kg. Hard had to really works for sets 4 and 5. BUT done.
Inc Bench 3x12 at 60kg - happy enough.
Pec deck - up and down from 4 plates to 9. This is just doing 12 reps until you can’t. Then going back down. It’s fucking awful. But it works.
Cable extensions - 2 sets of 8 then went all on a set of 5 with another plate.

Back - this is a neglected part of me. T bar row - and straight arm pull down. Super set. T bar was 80kg and 8 reps. Stright arm not sure and 12 reps. Then I went all on for a set and got 15 reps. I guess I should add more weight to the T bar for 8 reps really!


Program looks good, make sure you keep at it during this time brother

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Thank you. @hugh_gilly - its simple but I can buy into it which is 90% of a programme.

Dead lift today - well car deadlifts / frame deadlifts. Link to the machine below.
5x5 at 220kg. This was good. Felt pretty easy as well. Could have easily gone to 240 5x5. But I’m also aware that 5x5 is tough and there is not need to kill myself on every move.
SSB goodmorning - too heavy on this - 110kg 3x8. I need to drop the weight back to 100kg
single leg leg press - 80kg/leg
leg extension - 9 plates
3 sets of 12 each. Burn out on press last set to 15.

Then ski erg - 4 100m sprints every min.

Link to the machine:

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Viking press - 5x5 with 35kg each side (frame is also 23kg) so a 93kg press.
Felt easy enough and I could have added 5kg each side.
Then drop set - 20kg each side. did 15.
Shoulder press machine, 3x10
cable push downs WHOLE STACK - 5 reps 3 sets
pull ups - a few sets of 5 and 6. then sled pushes. 4 of.


So event - front loaded yoke carry to simulate wheel.
Frame (50kg) + 60kg. So 110kg. 4 x20m returns. With 1 run of about 50m return - timed at 60 second. That was the goal. Just go for the whole time. I struggled to breath at the end. BUT this was the plan. I need to get used to that.

After this 6x6 front squat 100kg
3x3 power cleans at 80kg.
GHR 3x12
Ab roll out 3x12

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