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In It for the Long Run: 260kg Deadlift, 200kg Front Squat, 130kg Log Press

I used to knock out about the forums a while back. Had some good experience in gaining a little bit of strength. Never got out side of the range of “normally strong” though. And got unhealthy fat in the process. As I took the instruction “eat for mass” too far.

Had a year out. Busy times. Hard times. More as we go on maybe. Back on the wagon now though. Goals in mind.

Get stronger. Get fitter. I’m doing Judo (having done BJJ 15 years ago). And I’m getting back into Rugby. Which is my first love.

Current stats are:

6ft tall – 104kg(228lb) and 30%-35% BF.
5rm squat is 140kg (310lb)
5rm bench is 95kg (210lb)
5rm for deadlift (trap bar) is 155kg (340lb)
5rm for press is 72.5kg (160lb)
6 pull ups in a row.

Targets are simple.
Get into the First team at the rugby club. I have the skill set. I just need to be able to exhibit it.
Win a Judo competition. Which will be helped by a better athletic basis.
To do all of this I need to increase all lifts as much as possible given that I’m going to try and get drop 20%BF.
Extra goal - drop 20%BF.
Preform 6 tabata sprints on the indoor rower. Which is my own fitness marker.


5/3/1 x 2 times a week. Combining squat and bench, and then press and deadlift. At the end of each I do some rowing sprints. 30 seconds on 30 second off. Each week looking of either increase in speed of the sprint or more exercise bouts.

Judo – 2 times a week. This is competitive judo. More akin to BJJ and wrestling than the lovely dovey type you see. So I count this as a “cardio” work out.

Saturday is a general sports day. I’ll play rugby or go cycling.

The week plans out like this:

Sunday – 5/3/1 squats and bench
Monday – Off
Tuesday – Judo – ground work only
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – 5/3/1 Deads and press
Friday – Judo
Saturday – Sports

Diet – this is were I went wrong last time, like so many others. But I think I have it worked out a bit better now.

Every day is:
4 eggs for breakfast
I cook up 350-400g (12-13oz) of chicken breast 2 breasts and 225g lean mince (8oz) in chopped tomatoes. And then use this as my protein source.
I eat 60g (1/3cup) of rice or 150g potato (1 ½ a potato) with each meal (lunch and dinner).
50g nuts (1 bag) is a snack.
This is about 2100 cals and 200g of protein. I’ll take a picture every 2 weeks and see what my progress is.

If the fat is not coming off (I think it should) I can drop the carbs and nuts on the non-training days. This the progress plan also. AS the fat loss slows, I have PLENTY of spare cals to drop.

If you have comments – please chip in – let me know.


Judo tonight. Went well. Comp Sunday. Whoop whoop!

103.9 kg today. First time in years I’ve seen those numbers.
Another Judo comp on the 17th of Feb. I would like to go and be under 100kg. No reason why not.
Sprint session tonight. A mix of 50-100m sprints with 50 rests. 8 sprints total.
Felt good. Felt fitter.

Got on the scales today and I was 103.1kg. Very happy. Finally went back the gym. Results where
Trap bar dead - warming up in 20kg jumps to 160kg for 3 reps.
Press warming up in 5kg jumps to 60kg for 4 reps.
Done glute ham rises with 25kg 3 sets of 10
Palov press - 3x10 with I don;t know how mush the numbers are not on the machine any more
Bent over row and dumbell bench super set with 27.5kg each hand. 3 sets of 10.
Bench was harder than the bent over row.

Plugged these numbers into 5/3/1 and I have myself a plan.

Whoop Whoop.

104kg today. Only a month or so till 100kg I hope.
Judo was great. Tired feel beet up. But a weekend of tlrigby and competition awaits.

Well 1/2 a game of rugby. Felt good. Got better from last time. I’m fast and better around the park.
Judo tomorrow. Looking forward to my first competition.

First judo competition today. Went very well. Got gold.
Felt in shape enough but have to drop to the under 100kg weight class. I will find it much easier.
But still whoop whoop and all. I got a medal!

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Squats and press tonight
110kg squat for 10 reps - stopped early
47.5kg press for 10 - stopped early
Done glute ham rises, palov press and lat pull downs after this as there was little other equipment to get on.
After all of that I rowed 30/30 split. Managed 3 sets of rowing at 90% effort. It might only be a 2min 30sec session but its cruel.

No training for a few days. Judo cancelled and life got in the way of my hiit. However - 102.9kg. Not been 102 for years! Very happy.

Me today. A long way off.

Workout tonight was okay. Got my weights wrong and so did week 2 rather than weeks one weights. Got through it though.
proper weigh in tomorrow. 102 I hope still However even if not my over all trend is down. So i’m doing okay.

Been an odd week. Two good work outs and a rugby game. Judo is more technical at the moment. Lost its spot as a hard work out. But still enjoying it. Will need to work cardio harder in the gym anf do some additional work I think.
Weighted in at 102.7 today. That’s good. Hoping for a sub 100kg march 1st.

102 on the dot today. Look g good for sub 100 in 3 weeks.
Easy week of exercise. So going to the gym rather than judo tonight. I can control the exertion that way. Keep my strength high

At the gym tonight.
Trap bar 135kg for 12 and bench 90 for 8.
These are both the same reps as last week for higher weights. Very happy.
On the back hypers for 3x10 with 30kg extra, and palov press 3x10 sec holds
After bench I hit Bent over row for sets of 10, 40kg, 50kg 60kg, 60kg. and then behind the neck press 40kg 10, 8, 4.

Rowing was 4 sprints at 30:30. Best to date.
Stronger, leaner and fitter all proved today. Very happy bunny!

So after feeling good this week about work outs and weight loss. I look back on my log and see I’m stalling. Time to double down and stop it with the cheat days.
Tonight’s training was good.
Squat 140x5
OHP 60x6
And some accessories.

Today I measured at 101.8kg - but I’m 99% sure this was a fluke.
Lung function test at work - I got a lung age of 107 years old. I think there was mistake.
Tonight training was good.
150kg trap bar x8
bench 100x5
Some one arm row, some behind the neck presses and some curls.
30/30 rowing was good again. 4 sets and felt “alive” afterwards. 5 sets next time.

On my deload week. So skipping the gym. Just relying on judo. Weight is 101.8kg so happy I’m losing fat still. Looking better as well. Whoop whoop.

Weigh in day 101.7. Happy days. Under 101 by next week.
Judo comp night tonight. Done well. But got massively dehydrated. Also cheating on diet a bit at the moment. Should stop that. Gym Sunday - next round of 531.

Weighed in at 100.8 today. We’ll happy. That could be a tad of dehydration but still well happy.
Judo was good Friday. Preformed better than my belt would suggest. At gym right. More weight more trips on 2nd month off 531. Deload works.
Trap bar 115x15
Bench 82.5x10
Press behind neck 30 4x10 1x9
Palov press
Bor 4x10 at60
I might do 30 30 rowing sprints. Who knows.

4 30/30’s - 1:30 off then 30 on.