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In High School and Lost


anyone else here never knew what they wanted to do or still dont? im in highschool but i cant find any motivation to do super well in anything besides lifting. The only class i actually apply myself to is my math class 1. hes a cool teacher, 2. i like math and its a hard class with cool subjects, but even my easy classes i cant seem to try. Ill do well and study for like a week then i just stop and i realized it depresses me that i cant even like force myself to do well.

What have you guys done in this situation? i dont want a shitty college but i could accept the fact of going to a community for 2 years then transfering if thats the slap in the face i need. thoughts?


Maybe some english classes? Proper punctuation would help put you ahead of the texting generation. LOL. GTG. TTYL.


This is the BEST way to do it anyway. You'll save cash, unless your parents like to shell out cash for a University.


haha thanks and i use proper grammar just not on the internet:) (ironic though cuz im not taking English right now haha)


See, this is one of those things I just don't understand about some people online.

Is it really that much harder to type as though there's an educated person sitting behind the keyboard?


sometimes, mostly im just used to abbreviations from texting, aim and other types of conversation of that manner, just for you i will try to type correctly and spell everything out now, notice the you not u :slight_smile:




That actually made me chuckle.


I'm in the exact same position as you're in bignate. Try not to feel pressured about going to college. If you can't think of anything you would want to take at college don't go.


CONGRATULATIONS DUDE! You used 'you're' correctly. I'm hopefull for YOUR future!

I bet not 50% of Americans, young and old know the difference between your and you're.


Just about everybody feels the same way at some point in their High School and College careers. Some classes are just not for you. Get your A in the math class and Gym, and do enough to get your C's in the others and call it a year. As for the 2 years in CC first, it's by far the best way to do it.

Also, just a little aside about the text slang typing and such...

People used it because it's much easier to type "how r u" using a phone than the full sentence. If you're typing at a keyboard, it's not really appropriate or necessary.


When I was in high school I was set on being a pysc major. However, that all changed when I took a psyc class. I am currently a kinesiology major in college. I love to lift, I assume that I can only benefit even more from this major.

Maybe get a job as a math tutor? You can make some money while deciding on what to do in life. More money for Biotest supplements.

I have no idea if any of this helps. If not sorry lol


What about lifting do you have a passion for? Is it nutrition or maybe the way the human body works? If these kind of things are an interest to you, maybe you should research what career field includes these type of things.

You are way ahead of where I was in high school. At least you are aware that you should be putting yourself in a position to succeed in a career and not just getting drunk and chasing tail. And community college for a couple years isn't so bad either.


Our culture relishes ignorance. You were probably raised doing anti-intellectual activities like video games and other such mindless drivel. Its no surprise then that you have little like for intellectual topics.

I'm not insulting you at all but as a high school teacher I see this all the time. You've been caught up in the culture. Your subconscious is asking, "Where the stimulation? Where's the fun? This shit sucks and is no fun at all! No violence, no sex, no making fun of the geeks or ugly girls in those books...wtf??"

You're basically doomed unless somehow you stumble your way out of this. Pray, kid.


Don't screw yourself over by getting shitty grades in high school. High school is not hard to do well in, as long as you can suck it up and apply yourself in all your classes. Also, you don't need to worry about not knowing what you want to do with your life. Nobody should know that in high school.


i like just growing and seeing how strong the body can get naturally, i am interested in physical therapy or personal training because i think majoring in those would help with my training ( i want to be on WSM someday in the near future), its weird i dont drink or smoke because i dont want it to mess with lifting. I am interested in nutrition but not as a career, your post has been very helpful thank you.
(notice your not you'RE)




Its not a huge deal not to know what you are going to do in 5-6 yrs from now. That being said, i'd like to tell you to try in highschool, but it is kind of a joke haha. Try to put in your work and eventually you will figure out what you are going to do. I would try to take a wide variety of classes in different subjects in both high school and college, if you plan on going, to try to find something that interests you.

Just to let you know, if you don't like school I wouldn't suggest the Physical therapy path. I say that because it is not an undergraduate degree. You can take 4 years of "pre-physical therapy" which pretty much limits your choices, and then I believe 4 years after that although it may be 2. Another option is to get a degree in something like exercise science, etc. and then if you still want to do the PT thing, continue on with school. That way, if after 4 years you decide you don't want to do physical therapy, you aren't fucked.


interesting, i may major in math because i like it so much and minor in PT or double major? so i have two options i like now in case one falls apart anyone know about personal training?


OK...minus the extra L.