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In FLA for 10 Days, Need a Gym


Gonna be taking a much needed vacation in July, and while I will be gone for about 11 days, I'm going to take the first 6 off (don 't worry, I plan on overreaching the week or so before, and then fully recovering), but, I know I'll need to find somewhere to get in at least 3 workouts, for myself as well as my girl. Hopefully some decent gym won't try to rape us for $20 each for every day we need to train.

For the 2nd half of our trip, we'll be in the Hallendale/Ft Lauderdale area, probably driving in to Miami/South beach each day (bout a 20 min ride from where we'll be staying). If anyone on here knows (or lives in) the area, and could recommend a place, I'd be much obliged :slight_smile:



Dude...it's Miami. You should have no problem finding a gym. I know I'm not really helping, but I lived in the Florida pan handle for 4 years and they even had decent gyms up there.


I'm from the Miami area. There is going to be a gym very near anywhere you stay. If you have a membership to a large club (Ballys, LA Fitness, Gold's Gym) then just look up their location online. If you want a non chain private gym you could probably just drive for a bit and find one on any of the many "plaza/strip mall" type areas you'll find. I can suggest some but I'm sure they are out of the way for you.


lol. panhandle isn't florida.

fitness first has one in boca raton (bit north of ft. laur) as well as one in ft laur itself. darrem charles can be found training clients at both locations (where i got the picture with him in my profile)

all the major chain gyms in miami will have a large selection of free weights, from what i've seen.

when in july are you going to be there? it'd be baller to lift/party or whatever



That's my point! It's "Southern Alabama"...and they STILL had gyms!!


I was down there about 4 years ago, and most of the chain type fitness centers wouldn't issue day passes, and the gyms that were run by businessmen wanted like $25 a day for each of us. Eventually I found a little hole where one of the workers (obviously recognizing one of his brothers in iron) hooked us up with $15 a day for me and my friend. Over 3 days it wasn't bad ($45), but think about it, if me and girl each had to pay $20 each, we're talking about $120 just to workout for 3 days. That's my concern.



I'm going down on July 20th, and will be in Orlando until the 24th, and then in the Hallendale/Ft Lauderdale area until I leave on the 30th. I don't know the area well, so I was hoping to get some suggestions and maybe mapquest the locations.



When you're in Orlando, I highly recommend training at the Steel Mill. I've been going there for the past month and a half and love it.

Graffiti on the walls, a dead platform, a separate room for squat racks and leg equipment, a monolift, chains, DBs that go up to 160 lbs, loud music and a few amateur BBers.

PM me if your interested


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I use to live near there, but on another subject
make sure you hit Scarletts in Hallandale, well might technically be Pembroke Pines.
its right off the Halldale BLVD exit
my boy Shawn Barnes manages the club, night shift, comes in around 10
wicked nice strip club, and around 3 am it fills with chicks who are looking for an after hours
its open till 8 am on weekends


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I live in Fort Lauderdale, but am about 30 min from Hallendale. My gym charges $10 per day and the first time is free.


I live in Fort Lauderdale and my gym charges $10 for the day fee. Free the first time. And I second the fact that Scarletts is a dope strip club. I'd be down to rip stop signs out of the ground with yall.


I grew up about 10 minute from South Beach, but can't really recommend an amazing/affordable gym around there. A lot of the gyms in the area are very upscale/spa-ish/expensive...when I was home for winter break and looking for a gym, multiple gyms tried to sell me "discounts" of 100+ per month.

Anyway, here's what I know is in the south beach area:

A gold's gym--big gym, pretty nice inside. expensive
2 crunch gyms--I have no idea, never been inside.
1 equinox--this is supposedly a ridiculously nice (read: fancy) gym, but would be very very pricey.
I know there are a few smaller storefront gyms in the area.


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