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In-Ear Wireless Headphones?

Ran a search and couldn’t find any topics recent on this so I figured I would bring one up for 2019.

I am looking to get some wireless earbuds I can use at the gym and just for daily life (commuting, business travel, etc…).

A lot of the budget true wireless earbuds get some seriously mixed reviews on Amazon.

I am leaning towards the Jabra Elite 65T active 65T. They seem to be a good compromise between price and quality with excellent battery life.


Anyone have any other suggestions?

Appreciate they are expensive but the Bose® SoundSport™ Free True Wireless earbuds are very very good. I went through 5 or 6 pairs of ‘good value’ pairs and figured the amount i was spending annually on them it might be worth investing in a decent pair.

The charging case is nice in that it stops me sitting on them / dropping them or losing them and keeps them topped up.

Edit: expensive is subjective and I hadn’t looked at the Jabras. Bose are same price range but haven’t compared.

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I can get the Jabras at a pretty good discount through a program at my work. Currently the reason I am looking at them over the Bose.

How’s the noise cancellation on the Bose?

Not as good as the Bose QC 2 over-ears, but good for earbuds.

I think with the in ear stuff there is probably a quality threshold were differences stop being appreciable, I suspect both of these pass it.

Having only tried one ‘good’ set of buds, I guess all my input adds is that I think its worth investing vs the cheap stuff, and the charging cases are a very cool feature, not just a gimmick. If there weren’t any huge differences on the tech sheets (assuming you cant try both to compare conveniently) I’d end up going for whichever I could get a better offer on.

The Rock made some headphones and wireless ear buds with Under Armour, and I have no clue if they’re any good or not, but they look cool, and based on his public persona, I feel like he wouldn’t sell crappy items. I’d been considering them - I’ve never had a “good” pair and everything keeps breaking.

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I’ve had the Jabra Elite Sports for 2 years without any issues. They are as important, not to forget in the morning, as phone, wallet and keys.


Unfortunately, a lot of The Rock’s Under Armour stuff is outrageously priced (at least for me). I’m sure the quality is there, though.

If you’re gonna splurge, might as well check Sennheiser out

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Those look awesome but are more than twice the price I can get the Jabra set at.

As an update and to inform others looking to purchase:

I received the Jabra Elite Active 65t’s in the mail yesterday. By far the best headphones I have ever had (of course, I used to only buy cheap crap from Five Below). The sound quality is excellent and the controls are intuitive. The Jabra Sound+ App it comes with offers a variety of different settings (EQ, Hear-Through mode which pipes in outside sounds through a mic) you can tweak for various activities (different settings for workout/commute/work etc…).
Did a workout with them this morning and they did not move at all in my ear (however, I wasn’t jumping around or anything).

No interference or noticeable lag on the audio side. Have not tried it with a video yet.


the best gym headphones I’ve tried has to be the new Powerbeats 2 (the new ones recently released) . seriously, they are good and im’ not a fan of beats stuff.