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In Dire Need of Advice & Tips

Hello all, long time hopeless lurker here, finally sick of my current physical health and ready for a change.

Ok heres the back story, ever since I turned 8 I have ben a tad on the pudgy side, and just recently it has gotten worse. I currently work 4 days a week (Thursday - Friday)at a local pizza shop, and that means that I have ate pizza 4 days a week of the last year and a half … and we are talking a half of a 16 incher loaded down with the whole shabang.

I am currently 240lbs at about 5’8". I am not totaly sure on my body fat % but I know I can spare to loose 35-40 lbs putting me at 200ish and I would be fairly lean there. I do not have a lot of muscle but I am not scrawny buy any means ( 200lbs lean at 5’8" I don’t think is to bad )

basically here is my plan

  1. To log EVERY thing I eat and EVERY thing I drink unless it is water or tea

  2. Follow these simple diet guide lines

  • Stay away from fatty meats. ( bacon, sausage, ect )
  • Stay away from excessive amounts of carbs in one meal.
  • Stay away from fatty sauces and dressings. ( Ranch dressing, cream sauces, ect )
  • Stay away from sugar.
  • Stay away from excess salt.
  • Stay away from fruit juices and colas / pop, Drink only water, milk, and other beverages such as tea.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of other things.
  • Only ONE cheat meal OR one night of drinking A WEEK!
  • Try to stay under 2000 calories a day

I will be using a modified version of the Shut up program that will look like this.

Monday- Chest and Biceps

Tuesday- Legs and Lower back

Wednesday- Grip, neck, Cardio

Thursday- Back and Core

Friday- Shoulders and Triceps, Grip, Neck

Saturday- Cardio and Heavy bag

Sunday- Cardio and Heavy bag

First week at 2 sets of 12 with light weight and little rest ( 1min )
Second week at 4 sets of 5 with moderate weight and moderate rest ( 2-3 min )
Third week at 5 sets of 3 with heavy weight and heavy rest ( 3-4 min )

Basically I would like to know your thoughts and any tips if you have them. If you need any more info than just ask. Oh and I was wondering what Sups would you suggest to help me loose weight while keeping AS MUCH of my current muscle mass as possible ( any tips on the subject of weight loss and retaining muscle in general are greatly wanted )

PS. I am truly sorry for any grammatical errors as I am a horrible speller and typer.

Advice do it you wrote the plan now make it happen make it habit dont just talk and write about it.

Nail this stuff, and then progress. Id just try and nail the diet habits in the Seven Habits Article by Berardi, and pick a good program get to doing it as planned and then take further steps.

Supps, Nail this first, If anything a fish oil and a protein supp. Supps are to supplement a good base plan. Get that first


HOT-ROX extreme for preventing muscle loss and aiding in fat loss. Also, at 5’8" don’t expect to be lean at 200 unless you plan to be absolutely ridiculously muscular. It’s hard enough for someone who is 6’0 to be lean @ 200, let alone 5’8.

This aside your program seems pretty solid, just try to remember that whey > pizza and you shouldn’t have any problems making very quick progess.

Have you been training since you worked there? Was it a REALLY long bulk phase, because that would be a bright side.

Anyway, I suggest making your days meals each day (or the whole week ahead of time if crunched) and bringing them in a cooler so you won’t be tempted. Take BCAA’s on top of the other supps recommended.

Just keep diligent about posting and we will help keep you on track.

Thats for the input guys. My diet starts today, but I will not start my lifting until next week (I have a lot of personal stuff going on this week)

Finding healthy food at work will be no problem we have every thing I need to make a nice healthy salad with grilled chicken breast and other assorted veggies and we have low fat low cal italian dressing.

I am contemplating buying some BCAA’s and ZMA. i have hears that BCAA will help recover from work out and will help my to retain my muscle even tho i am not ingesting a large amount of calories. And i am looking in to ZMA for all of the benefits it can give.

Dose any one have any input on these two products ?