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In Dire Need Of A New Program

Hi all,
I’m gonna be bulking again,soon,and I’m kinda getting sick of my workout program.I’m in dire need of new workout program.I love my workout program that I use and it’s effective,but after a little while you kinda get bored with the same thing and I’m trying to keep it inetresting.Since I’m gonna be bulking,I’m gonna look into some good full-body workouts.Does anyone know of any that are really good for packing on more muscle(along with eating like a pig,duh!).

<3 AoW and WM

but AoW > WM

<===Yet Depends On Goals===[///()

What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for anohter. But there’s tons of programs on here and I’m sure you’ll find one that will work well for you. Good luck

Spend a bunch of time reading the training articles on this site. If you don’t find a specific workout that suits you you should at least learn a good amount to allow you to better design your own program.

I’ve never really tried any of the programs on here.I was thinking I would try some just for the hell of it.Always good to keep shit interesting.
Thanks guys.

Why would you come on here asking that when the archives have a shitload of articles by experts that deal with your issue.

Look up Waterbury, Thibadeau, Ian King etc in the archives.

As others have already said, there are a ton of great programs on here. I suggest checking out Waterbury’s latest article on High Frequency Training.

I liked ABBH for gaining

I think that if you’re planning on gaining, you should bring up a weak part. With that in mind I suggest using something like “Perfect Ten” or another specialized program. This is the perfect time to strengthen a lagging part and get it up to par.

[quote]halflife wrote:
<3 AoW and WM

but AoW > WM

<===Yet Depends On Goals===[///()[/quote]

Wow. That post hurts my eyes. As an attempt at translation, I am guessing:

AoW = Art of Watebury


WM = Waterbury Method

All that stuff at the end, I have no freakin’ clue.