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In Defense of Professor X


OK, I realize a lot of people disagree with Professor X's approach to bodybuilding, and this forum. He can be blunt, obtuse, and downright offensive at times to some...

However, at the same time, he's a longtime member and from what I recall, a founder of this forum. The man has done more to create this community than most.

So what he can be a little upfront... But at the same time don't over half the lifters who post here for a first time need a reality check?

Plus the man is from what I recall a self proclaimed lifetime natural lifter. I from a general approach consider most claims to be true, and I believe X. If you believe hes a lifetime natural... after looking at his pics you cant tell me that's damn impressive... If there is a lifetime natural with that mass and strength on this forum... well i may not have seen them yet... And regardless, X is impressive from a natural or an enhanced perspective... and if you take him as a natural athlete, his accomplishments are jaw-dropping. I've trained with natural competitors who compete on a national level. Quite frankly from a sheer mass perspective, they dont have shit on X.

Yes, I realize that he's stepped on a few peoples toes... but at the same time... would t-muscle/nation be the same without him? Fuck No. The man is an indispensable resource for lifting and bodybuilding material... if you don't like his message then ignore it. Until then, cmon, the man has given back more to this community than most of us can dream of giving. Absorb the good advice, and if you disagree with something? Fine, go ahead, but don't condemn a man for giving advice.

From a BB perspective guys like X are invaluable and they need them. Between his perspective on BBing and Bonez+BBB's knowledge on gear and the knowledge of other vets, their simply isnt a forum like this.
Just my .02


It really isn't about the advice he gives to others. That's all fine and dandy. It's the arguments he has with everyone on the board. He will argue anything to the death. But along with the arrogant waaay over the top argumentative personality comes a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to bodybuilding. Sooooo in the end it's a wash


I agree that hes knowledgeable, however, I disagree that he's a wash... Should his information and expertise be devalued simply due to the way he delivers it? I don't think so. Does it make him less likeable? Maybe, but less informed? No.

And for the record, I officially disagree on many of his stances, in particular in regards to Way and younger juicers, but at the same time... A T-muscle forum without X and his advice would be no T-muscle.com at all...


I think that X performs a great service to these forums and his experience is invaluable. His voice is worth listening to and we can always use more thoughtful debate from the experienced members who may disagree!


Honestly, I love the idea of debate. Quite frankly its difficult due to the lack of large-scale population research on steroids to definitively prove anything scientifically.

Does X think that people who roid have different looking muscles and are negatively affected by early AAS usage? Yes. Can he prove he's right? No. Can you prove he's wrong? No.

For the record, Way is an incredible example and gives small guys like me aspirations to get larger... But when it comes down to who is right or wrong... where is the evidence? Its a forum people... let people have opinions before condemning them as no-nothings.


I think that debating about steroids is one of the least productive parts of the bodybuilding forum. But threads like the round tables in the T-cell are what we need more of. Hearing about the exercises that big guys used to get big is valuable


get off his dick. Yes he has achieved a high level of development especially for a natty. But in all seriousness it isn't that hard to eat and lift, I'm surprised at the amount of people who can't seem to get that basic idea in their heads.

fuck, eating and lifting progressively heavier weight = mose muscle. isn't a fucking hard concept to grasp.

I can understand why Prof X gets narky at people asking stupid questions.


I have to agree completely with what you have to say about Professor X and his contribution to this forum and website.

After lurking for many months I have come to respect those opinions of long time members that have advised people in an upfront manner and called them out as needed. This forum needs people like Professor X to keep a check on things. Far too often it seems people allow trolls or noobs to post blatant comments without any research and general knowledge at the topic being discussed. Does he offend peopleâ?¦yes, but he adds a great service by calling people on their shit and telling it as it is. Bonez, Professor X, Bigskwatta and others of the like that basically patrol the T Muscle forums are a needed resource and are the reason many (myself included) have learned so much and continue to utilize this site.

So although he may upset people be harsh and critique people in a manner others donâ??t appreciate he is a vital and necessary component of this forum. Him and those like him ensure that this site stays legit and unlike the bullshit forums of bb.com and the like.

So thank you professor x you and the other veterans of this site that help keep it the way it is.


The problem comes in when someone believes they know everything there is to know about everything and refuses to admit they are ever wrong about something, even when they have zero personal experience. Talk about ego-centrism at its finest. I'm not even going to get into specifics because it's just going to cause a huge cluster fuck but nearly every vet 9(aside from prof X and his older black friends on these boards) was calling bullshit at nearly every post these past few months. The whole steroid and incline bench arguments were just the straw that broke the camels back.

There was definitely a time when he was helpful, it was about 3 years ago. Since then he's just been here to argue over everything and anything he can.


I really don't think many people understand exactly how huge anabolics and a persons genetic response to PED's is in bodybuilding and achieving the physiques we all strive for. The exercises, foods, reps etc are all very similar. I agree it sucks for this forum though.


To be honest, I think Professor X can defend himself!


This is basically what i was going to say.

I think Professor X's views were sound because they were quite basic. Lift heavy and sensibly so long as you're looking for muscular gains as this is primarily a bodybuilding board. Don't become pedantic over food, just be sure to get a lot of it etc.

It's just that if he were a white guy, he'd be a redhead...because I think he took that extra effort to try and find something to argue about.

And I've read "A Brief History of Time" and did quite well in calculus in college yet on a few occasions I was apparently unable to properly read his posts.


A) Why does race make its way into every post you have about the man? Does it really bother you that much?

B) That statement is false and you know it. Replace "vet" with "facebook BOI guys" and it is accurate. I didn't see C_C, MODOK, Bithwell, etc etc etc. Not that I don't think you guys should have said what was said or whatever, I'm staying out of it, but lets be honest here... Don't make it out to be something it wasn't.

Dude, no. Not when it is poster after poster piling on, 95% of whom contribute nothing to the BB forum, or contribute nothing anymore. Some of us miss the guy, and want him to post again. However "flawed" it may be.

Do I agree with some of the criticism? Of course, he said a lot of things to rile people up on purpose.

But just like everyone that doesn't help people around here can have an opinion, the people that want him around should be able to speak too. (Without the 'cool kids' calling them nut swingers would be nice too.)




It's because natural lifters aren't 300 pounds (less than or around 20% bodyfat) in the offseason NATURALLY!

There has never been a natural lifter with more than 220 or so pounds of LBM.


This is false.

That is unless you forgot to add a height distinction in there, like There has never been a natural lifter with more than 220 or so pounds of LBM and was under 5 feet.


At the end of the day...

Who cares?


Another classic line: 170 pounds ain't big unless we're talking about a guy who's 4'11", and anyone on this site pushing less than 250 ain't big or impressive.


I'm not sure what your point is here in relation to your post about 220 lbs LBM and not being natural.


....plus, he's a DOCTOR!
So cool!