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In Defense of Clip11


Alot of people have been accusing me of being someone Im not. Some have been saying im HeadHunter, and I dont even know who that is. I can't convince anyone of anything, however, I do have photos in my hub. So if anyone is interested, they can look at them.

Furthermore, why does someone have to be a troll because they have a politically incorrect, i.e., unpopular, opinion of issues, especially those pertaining to feminism and homosexuals. I believed this was a forum that accepted and respected ALL types of opinions. Not one where you had to come and parrot politically correct thoughts in order to be accepted.

Be that as it may, I am who I am. I won't be politically correct to be liked on the internet by people I probably will most likely never meet and wouldn't know if I were to see them in public. Like I said, I have pics in my hub, thats been there longer than a year, if anyone wants to see them.


Would you respect someone who is racist towards you because you're black?

It's hard to respect things like racism...or homophobia. And you are proud to be homophobic.
I don't really like politically correct things because it gets to a point that is very annoying, but there's a very big gap between being politically incorrect and a hater of X, Y or Z.


All I know is that in some 9/11 thread in PWI you said something about "a van depicting a plane"

What did that mean?!?!??




Pic of you holding the sign 'fuck you TNation,' please...


So this morning when I jerked off my hand slipped on some vasoline on the down stroke.

I punched myself right in the balls.


Racism is an irrational hatred of another race, so no I wouldn't. On the other hand, if what someone said had basis in fact or reality, then yes I would. I read on a site somewhere that black men committed over half of murders in the US while being only about 6 percent of the US population. I can't get mad at that person for stating a fact that can be proven. Now if I wanted to shut him up, I could accuse him of being racist. But stating the obvious doesnt equal racism, sexism, or homophobia.

Like if I mention that AIDS is a disease spread that stems mainly from homosexual behavior, you can call me a homophobe all you want, it doesn't change the fact that its true and has been proven. Now if I went off on a rant about how much I hate gays and how they ought to burn in hell, then you would have a point for calling me a homophobe. The same way if someone just went on a rant and said how they hate blacks and all blacks should burn in hell, that could be considered racist. But stating facts doesn't equal homophobia or racism.


I have no idea what you're talking about.


AIDS can not be spread, HIV does. The most common source of HIV is homosexual contact, this is true, but that shouldn't affect the rest of homosexuals.

We had a short argument about homosexuals in SAMA and, if I remember correctly, HIV was not involved at all. So...


Who the fuck are you and why are you making threads about yourself?


Newsflash you naive clown. Youre being trolled.

God youre one of the most awkward people on this board.


I give people the benefit of the doubt.



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I had no idea jerking off was so dangerous.

I think if I had a penis and balls I would be obsessed with making sure they were safe. 0_0


Don't. It's the Internet. NO ONE gets the benefit of the doubt here.


I don't care.

I'm tired of seeing people with honest, although stupid, concerns being treated as trolls when they are not.


Says the guy who hides under his bed at night because of the hordes of foreigners invading his lily white country?

This is ironic.



My balls were seriously aching.


I find it hard to believe that Clip 11 is black.I think Professor X and I are the only black people on T Nation.

I agree with DN...a pic of you with a sheet of paper saying whatever she said is in order.


Most underrated post of 2011 right here. LO fucking L.


I will not comment on your balls sir.