In Dallas for a Weekend...

… what should I do?

I already have the JFK tour inked in. What else is worth seeing? Where’s good to eat? Where are the good bars in the evening?

Etc etc…

The West End has a lot of bars and stuff to do, as does Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum is a little on the artsy fartsy hipster side. If you’re feeling all gitty-up yee haw western, The Ft. Worth Stockyards is a lot of fun.

Go watch a Rangers game and drink some $10 beers…lol

[quote]drunkpig wrote:
The West End has a lot of bars and stuff to do, as does Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum is a little on the artsy fartsy hipster side. If you’re feeling all gitty-up yee haw western, The Ft. Worth Stockyards is a lot of fun. [/quote]


There’s nothing to do interesting in DFW.

The suburbs are the most comfortable places to live in the U.S. but the metro area is boring as hell.

Lived here all my life. It’s boring.

Unless you’re into huge flashy shopping malls, then it’s the place for you…
…but if you are…what the hell are you doing on T-Nation?

Go to a gun range. Your Swedish right?

Buy the shirt, and get a pair of Ariats…and a hat. Don’t forget the pear snaps…

Book a hog hunt… Just a link, can’t vouch for the quality.

Drink some Pearl and Lonestar…

Learn to two-step…women love it…

Thanks for the tips… Not Swedish - European but Swedish-looking.

Metroflex gym in Arlington - home to Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, Josh Bryant, Johnnie Jackson - is less than a half hour away and well worth the trip

Lots of good restaurants here. What kind of food do you like? For bars, hit up Deep Ellum or Lower Greenville (Libertine is my favorite over there) for the more artsy/music scene. The Mckinney bars are where most people seem to go out right now. Quarter Bar and Tate’s are probably my two favorites on Mckinney at the moment. Quarter Bar is more of a sit-down spot, with a great patio. Tate’s has a good whisky selection and makes some great cocktails. Kung Fu Saloon, 6th Street, and Concrete Cowboy (all next to each other off of Cedar Springs) are also very popular currently. I hate all three of them personally. Henderson street has some fun bars as well. Or, if you like shitty hole-in-the-wall type bars like I do, head to Milo Butterfinger’s off of SMU boulevard. Darts, pool and foosball tables, lots of TVs with sports on all the time, and relatively cheap drinks. Really depends on what you are in to.

Mate, that’s exactly the kind of detail I was after for the evenings. Perfect, many thanks.

Any more tips for stuff to fill my days with?

Nasher Sculpture Garden, Dallas Museum of Art, and the aquarium I think are all worth a visit. Not sure what your transportation situation will look like, but Ft. Worth zoo is very good as well. Klyde Warren park in downtown is nice if you just want to get outside for a bit. They often have some great food trucks out there.

If you feel like doing a bit of day drinking (who doesn’t?) then the Katy Trail Ice House is a good spot for that, or you could go visit a brewery (Deep Ellum Brewery, or Rahr and Sons if you can get out to Ft. Worth). At both you pay something like $10, they give you a glass and you can try 3 different pints of beer. Usually have live music and food as well. Those are the first things to come to mind, though I’m sure there are a ton of things I am forgetting about.

Edit: Bishop Arts District is really cool as well. Lots of great restaurants and neat stores down there. Could probably burn a few hours just exploring that area for a bit.

RC, how did you leave out the Perot museum? You been there yet? That place is ridiculous, absolutely worth checking out (for OP and anyone else around here who hasn’t been yet.) I’ll second The Libertine on Lower Greenville, I’m there about once a week. The Bottle Shop, across the street from Libertine, is also a good bar. Closes earlier than most bars though. Craft and Growler, by Fair Park, is very good. They serve almost exclusively local beer selections, with about 30 on tap.

Craft beers are thriving in Dallas, so they’re worth sampling. If you like seafood, the absolute best seafood in Dallas is Daddy Jack’s which is also on Lower Greenville, a few doors down from the places mentioned. It’s a hole in the wall that you wouldn’t necessarily even notice if you weren’t looking for it. And it’s unbelievably good.

Lakewood brewery is far superior to Deep Ellum brewery if you’re into that. AND Lakewood brewery is next door to my shop :). They do tours on Saturdays.

Lots of good sushi places, good tex mex everywhere. If you have specific cuisine you’re looking for, I’ll share on that.

Don’t go to the West End. Nothing there.

Yes, the West End is happening approximately once a year, during the Red River Shootout. A damn ghost town the rest of the year. Have not been to the Perot museum yet. Will have to check that out.

OP - also forgot The Ginger Man. Great bar with tons of beers on tap. That, The Libertine, and Tate’s are my favorite happy hour spots in Dallas.

What part of town are you in RC? Where do you lift? I’m in the Lakewood area.

I don’t love the Ginger Man, but it’s not the worst, lol. They have tons of beers on tap, but their local selection is lacking. Maybe they’ve improved recently, I haven’t been there in about 6 months.

I live in the Turtle Creek area. Work out at Diesel Fitness, in the Centrum building at Oak Lawn & Cedar Springs. Not the greatest, but it is dirt cheap ($20 per month), right next door, and hardly anyone else uses the squat rack or bumper plates.

About the Ginger Man, are there really that many great local brews in DFW? I haven’t really looked into it too much, but the ones I have tried I found to be average at best. Any recommendations?

Lakewood brewery - temptress stout (the bourbon barrel version is crazy/less available), Vienna style lager are their best. They haven’t made a brew I didn’t like.
Deep Ellum - they’re so average, pretty much across the board. Not really a fan.
Peticolas - excellent stuff.
4 corners is good
Ranger creek is really good, but not truly local: san antonio
Community Beer Company
Armadillo, in Denton - above average
Real Ale, in Blanco - again not truly local, but really good
and obvi Rahr and Sons. Their winter ales are unbelievable.


Mexican - Mi Cocina
Great mexican, very good drinks as well.

Pizza - Cane Rosso
Best authentic napolitan pizza available in the area. Its ridiculously good.

Sandwiches - Jimmy’s Food Store
Italian grocery with a sandwich deli in the back. I highly recommend the Caprese Sandwich with Porketta. You won’t regretta.

Burgers - Maple and Motor
Best burger I have ever had, bar none. Hole in the wall dive joint, burgers served “pink” or “not pink.” Hvae a full menu of white trash fare as well, fried bologna sandwiches and what not if you’re into that.

Fried Chicken - Max’s Wine Dive
Jalapeno buttermilk fried chicken, champagne, basically soul food with bottle beverages. They also have a kick ass brunch.

Farm Fresh - Oddfellow’s
In the Bishop arts district of Oak Cliffe, about 7 minutes south of downtown. Everything is delivered farm fresh from locals. Beware the hipsters. They make snooty coffee and have a pretty kick ass breakfast menu if you’re into that.

Craft Brew, Scotch, Cheese, plus a damn decent burger - The Old Monk
Pretty much sums it up. They do the snooty beer thing in spades, as well as a healthy scotch menu, cheese, and a mean cheese burger. Beware parking.

If you want a coronary - Herrera’s
Eat the macaroni and cheese chimichanga. Immediately feel like you swallowed a brick. Feel your hands swell up. Begin panting. Look for place to lay down “somewhere cool.”

BBQ with a view - Bone Daddy’s
Pretty decent barbecue menu with waitresses whose attire leaves little to the imagination.

Titty bars - The Lodge
The best club in town if you have any class. Second is the Men’s Club. If you are a titty motor boating amateur, BabyDoll’s or The Clubhouse may be more your speed.

Devilman has a great list going. But he forgot Bob’s on Lemmon. Get a big 16 oz. filet; a big cigar; a big glass of scotch; and a big fucking carrot. Seriously.

Cane Rosso and Max’s wine dive are both stellar. Mi Cocina is probably my least favorite mexican food in Dallas, but everybody else loves it.

For burgers, I’m very partial to Snuffers.

I’ll second Cane Rosso. Olivella’s and Fireside Pies make some great pizza as well.
Max’s is good I think, but not worth what you pay for it. Speaking of fried chicken, have any of you tried Babe’s? Someone was telling me that is the best fried chicken in Dallas the other day.
Jimmy’s Food Store is just awesome. You know you’re doing something right when restaurants actually advertise that they use your sausage in their dishes.

Mi Cocina is decent. Pretty sure people don’t go for the food. It’s for the mambo taxis and “because everyone goes there.” If you just want to get tanked on margaritas, then Mi Cocina/Taco Diner/Cyclone Anaya’s can all accomplish that for you. For food I would look elsewhere. The arts district has a ton of good mexican places.
What about breakfast tacos? My favorite are Tacos y Mas (on Ross) at the moment. Taco Joint and Fuel City Tacos are pretty good as well.