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In-Cycle Ancillary Question

I am on 500 mg of test per week with a 1000 mg frontload. I am now starting winstrol for my last 6 weeks of the 8 week cycle. So far I have been on test for two weeks and have noticed no sides without any ancillary treatment. My original plan was to start 20 mg of novladex, starting after the second week. Even with no gyno symtoms, should I proceed as planned, or wait until my nipples start itching and then do some arimidex and then continue with novladex and arimidex? Thanks.

At your fairly moderate doses ancillaries may not be needed, but then again: why run the risk?

The comment about your nipples itching.
If you are sure they will start itching (from previous experience?).
If so always use tamixofen. Not using this agent while being prone to gyno would be foolish.
Novaldex/Tamixofen is great as a post cycle recovery agent, an as is well established works well to combat gyno.
I would always rather be safe than sorry!