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In Celebration of T-Men


First some locals


The Beast


Sweet pics, IM.

Like I said in the other thread, my collection aren't from "real" lads... ;( But with the massive wealth of T-men here, we shouldn't be at a loss for pics.


Other than a particularly unimpressive package, this is one rather appealing pic.


How funny is this:

Piece of ass of the year


In Celebration of T-Men.

Gender differences anyone?



Aaah, wonder what he's got goin' on down there?


Sturat: The very name may be the reason this thread even got up here. I tried one called "Male Asses... and Other Beautiful Parts" that somehow got lost. Techinical glitch? Perhaps. User error? Extremely unlikely. Wording? Possibly. Who knows. If we have to tone down our appreciation for the male physique so we are allowed to enjoy it - so be it. Wouldn't want to piss off the powers that be and all....

And here, for my mooley fetish...


~karma~ Most likely jock itch. Or crabs.


Indo Board Fun


I hear Thunder


What sweet hammies!


I was waiting for this thread to finally start. Thank you Iron Maiden! Ladies, let's not allow this one to die.

Here's a pic of my ex. He looked good... but I didnt want him anymore. Any takers? I've still got his number. Ha ha. BTW- he's 39!


Our beloved Cupcake


once again......Thunder's great quads.


and his hams.

hard to critique him one part at a time, but a shot of his posterior chain would be appreciated!


Magnus and his Girls






Roman in color


Roman in B&W