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In case you haven't seen it

It gets funnier as it goes on. He gets more and more serious each time. When he threw that leg up I fell on the floor laughing.

I’m still LMAO and I’ve watched it like ten times! I don’t know what makes it so funny, probably the combination of how serious he takes it along with how his fat holds him back and he’s tripping over himself, etc. I love the Star Wars one where he hits himself in the leg (appropriate lightsaber sound) and then the floor (app. LS sound) and then almost falls over - all while looking dead serious!!!

He should get to kill Jar-Jar, that would be perfect!

It can be enjoyed on so many levels. Yes I think we all have done our own kung-fu there stu. It’s that he’s dead serious is what makes it so funny. Goldberg your right what was he going to do with it???

I like near the end where he(I’m laughing just thinking about it) tries to go really fast. Or the leg that goes up in the air when he twirls around. DAMN!

I think we should give him nunchuks and a vidoe camera so we can really see something funny. You just know he will nail himself in the sack!

But I’m serious I think he should be in the next starwars. Have an accidental kill…Jar Jar forsure. And he has to cut his own feet off! Ciao. :slight_smile:

Thanks Starwars Kid. You’ve made my week. :slight_smile:

FUCK UM!!! Revenge of the NERDS!!!
I think that this could be a moot point for this young lad! He obviously has a great deal of passion for this type of physical expression.

The public disclosure of his video could potentially dive him into seclusion and depression.

I for one hope he can find the strength to laugh with everyone, and lead others some how. I mean look at all the effort he put in to this, BACK DROP and all. I don’t know if he has has any formal training but if he didn’t he did well!

The thing is THIS is what dives us all to move towards our dreams. That secret desire to be or do “something” to the point of practicing behind closed doors.

We all do it, if he chooses to… this could be a platform for him to excel from.

Star Wars kid if you are out there lurking in T-forum land… hold your head up high and don’t doubt for one minute that we all have a little secret desire burning inside. get a gym membership, build your physique up. You are the nerd spoken of in the last issue, who knows he be the next generation of T-NERD.

I laughed, but I was also shocked and impressed at the level of serious respect you put in to the performance.
You Rock.