In Between Cycles and Having Great Gains...

Well, I have to say this is very different from the norm for me.
I have been off cycle for approx 3 months. Used a clomid/nolva PCT, and test taper.
Cycle was 100mg/Tren Ace ED for 8 weeks - 500mg Sust/Week with Adex 12 weeks + Taper.

All this and I have not stopped making strength gains, and a very noteable amount of androgens.
I did have a lull during the PCT where I felt emotional, blah, lethargic etc… Then Boom!
I can always tell when my natural T levels return, luckily that’s the only time I have sides!?
Bacne, Crazy high libido etc… For whatever reason it seems to have come back at a higher level than ever before. Is this possible???

Is it that I gained during cycle and am just at a new level of strength? A bit of placebo??
I am using some new OTC Supps including Jack3D pre-workout, Animal Pak Post Workout, and Gold Std Whey Protein.

I don’t typically retain strength gains this far out of a cycle.


Just seems weird to me… I am feeling like a damn sexual predator, have bacne, crazy androgens, and strong as ever. (Similar feelings I have on 1g of test a week) Just no bloat, or sides etc…

Any idea what might be causing this??
I am planning on riding this anomaly as far as it will take me. I’ve got next cycle ready to roll, but don’t feel the need with these gains.

Blood Work necessary? Anything to be worried about?

Maybe this is a rhetorical post, but what do you guys think? ANyone else experienced this?

Thanks in advance!