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'In Before....'


OK, I see this often in some forums, and just starting to see it here.

This is where someone posts in a thread that has potential for excitement, epicness, or plain FAIL.

The post adds nothing to the thread, but is simply someone saying "In before ". Why post at all? What does 'getting in' do for you if you're not adding to the thread?

This is one of the more annoying things I see on da Interwebzeez.

Kinda ghey...


in before the in before


That's what HolyMac said.

Edit: Perfect timing!


in before epic/fail


This thread is going to be epic . . .










in before ripped jeans.

oh, that should've been 4 months ago.


hey guys! wot goin on in this thread? lol


In before...ah shit- looks like it's too late.

I find those in before posts really funny, personally.


Wait, ripped jeans are back?

I knew my heavy metal youth would come back around! What about leather and chicks with big hair and far too much mascara (not emo)?




I would love for the 80s to come back. Go to my hometown, Winnipeg and there are still guys with those black concert T shirts with white sleeves and Big Gulps in their hands and a mullet on their head. Makes me nostalgic just thinking about them.
I was talking about that Scottish guy who ripped his jeans squatting. We were all talking about him here for a while. I think his name was Jack Urboady or something.


People actually want to bring back that hair metal culture? For fucks sake.


In before the cat pics


I don't get it.


STFU, old man.


On some forums people need to post in order to be subscribed to a particular thread. They'll do a quick "in" to save it and then can go back and read the rest later.