In a Pickle with My Routine

Hey guys, hope I can get some good advice regarding my dilemma.

Current program:
Allpros beginner routine (2x Squat,Bench,DL,OHP,Rows) 3 times a week.
Rest days: Pt pyramid (100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 500 sit-ups total)
I also run for about 2-3 miles to increase mileage and endurance.

I’m on last year of high school (18) and I want to join the army, I’m fine regarding the strength aspect of the assessment but my endurance eg running is down low and I’m trying to reduce my running time.

Been going to the gym for a while now and am still a beginner, and I like to lift heavy. I was fine for a while doing pt and running during off days, but now i find that it is interfering with my lifts. My core and forearms would be sore or feel “fatigued” and my grip strength would start to fail me.

Of course, the PT and endurance should take priority, but I also want to get stronger, bigger and at the same time and run faster and perform better.

Any ideas? Should I lower the volume? Should I switch over to a more performance-based routine? Or sack it and focus on PT and running?


Hey, thanks for the reply. Sorry for not providing the info, i’ll add it here.

(I’m actually using the metric system but I’ll also convert it to pounds for easier comprehension)
Deadlift 1rm: 125kg (275 lb)
Squat rm: 120kg (265 lb)
Bench rm: 73.5kg (162 lb)
OH Press rm: 45kg (99 lb) *Just started on barbell version, by far my weakest
Mile time: 2km in ~ 11-12 minutes (Approx 9.6-9.7 per mile)
Height: 172cm (5’ 7 to 5’8)
Weight: 66kg (145.5 lb)

Wow, that’s a great run time. As you can see, my run time is pretty bad. Yes, my pushups and sit-ups are fine, at least I think there are. I am averaging 80 in 2 minutes.

I have a few questions:

  1. Since you run on workout days, do you run before or after your 5/3/1 workouts?

  2. You do 250 pushups every single day with max sets? Before or after?
    I find that when I do PT after my workouts I feel very fatigued and I end up slacking off. But if I do it before gym, I am fatigued and it impacts me in the gym. Of course, this is a question of priorities and I would probably focus on my PT and do it before gym if i were to do it.

  3. Since AllPros is in the higher rep range (8-12),should I gear more toward a performance focused workout or a strength routine, something like your 5/3/1?

  4. Do you have a running plan that got you down to that time? I am really curious as to how you did it.


  1. I do my work out in the morning and I run that evening.
  2. I space the 250 push ups throughout the day. I usually do 50 right when I wake up, do about 50 more during my work out, and then do the last 150 through the day.
  3. I’m inclined to say yes because honestly performance is extremely important in the military and may even save your life. Hopefully you’ll never be in that position, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  4. No not really. I ran the 800m in track in high school and that’s probably a huge contribution. I don’t remember how we trained back then but it worked.

Your push ups and sit ups are definitely good so no need to really worry about that. A 9 minute mile is a bit on the slow side. You should try posting this in the Combat forum or even the Conditioning forum for more information about getting that mile down.

I’ll take note of your advice. Cheers for all the help and time you’ve spent giving me advice!