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In a Metal Mood


Anyone else in a metal mood? I just discovered this Megadeth song today.

Megadeth - The Right to Go Insane


Pantera - I'm Broken


In Flames - Only for the Weak


Fear Factory - Slave Labor


The Haunted - The Medication


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I discovered this song because there was a guy that stabbed and killed 5 people on the last day of classes at the University of Calgary earlier this year, and one of the last things he posted on his facebook wall was "dread and the fugitive mind - the world needs a hero"


Not that I think you're serious, but metal does tend to be overwhelmingly dominated by white dudes. I'm too tired to really think about why that is, but it's definitely interesting.


It's because black families can't afford to pay for the guitar/bass/drum lessons for their kids to learn how to shred at the metal level.



this looks like a hell of a good time.

The Haunted - 99


The Haunted - Moronic Colossus


Yay metal!





Love this band they don't get near enough attention